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That was a joke.
Get Office if you don't mind supporting a lying, cheating, stealing, illegal monopoly.
[quote]CONFIRMED: Apple will NOT use AMD in the near future
Well no sh!t.
Lies I tell you... lies, all lies!
Yes, but I think you have to be very careful with what model you buy. I'm looking to do the same as well... hopefully someone in here will know.
I've gotten three different Macs up and running with 10.2.x and SBC Yahoo DSL. It works fine.
I'm a pro. At least that's what she said.
Yeah you could put Linux on it... it's just a hard drive. The problem though it that when it's plugged into your Mac the HD is spinning the entire time, and if you're running an OS on it, it's being read/written to almost constantly... it's not really made for that, thus that's why it'll decrease the life span of it.
[quote]Originally posted by Matsu: Sure, Apple's lips are bolted tighter than my first girlfriend's knees, but that only tells me there's something good hiding inside.
Best analogy ever! [Laughing] [ 12-01-2002: Message edited by: crawlingparanoia ]

*wipes tear from eye* eVo, that theme truly is a thing of beauty.
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