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You could under 10.0 and maybe 10.1... no clue about 10.2. Anyway, do a search here: http://www.resexcellence.com
I just changed my scanf to the following by accident and it works: [code]scanf(" %c", &reply);
Notice the space before %c... now why does this work?
Well that works but then I have to type a response, hit enter, then do it again before it continues the loop... never had this problem before.
I've got the following code as part of my [for school] program: [code]while (reply != 'n') { /* outer loop start */ /* use randNum to copy a random word into variable *word[] */ x = randNum(nw); *word = wordArray[x]; printf("\ x: %d\ *word: %s\ wordArray[%d]: %s\ \ ", x, *word, x, wordArray[x]); /* */ /* determine whether to continue */ printf("Play again? (y/n): "); scanf("%c", &reply); ...
Hispanic is a term that was created by the U.S. Census Bureau so that they had a way to classify a group of people - basically everyone from Mexico/Spain/Latin America/South America. Many people find it offensive and prefer either Latino or Chicano.
Silly mistake, shoot me.
[quote]Originally posted by Jamie: Anything else to contribute other than: <Insert name of iApp> sucks. [Laughing]
How about... I wish iChat didn't suck so bad because AIM sucks too, but since iChat sucks more I'm forced to use AIM.
[quote]Originally posted by Wrong Robust: Half life 2 and the next counterstrike are both coming to mac, and it can only get better.
Linkage? Can anyone confirm this?
MS Office v.X sucks.
iChat sucks.
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