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iPhoto sucks.
iCal sucks.
Beta? Beta my ass. iSync deleted all my contacts and all my calendars... good thing I had the calendars backed up at least. Never again will I take part in the Apple-User Beta Test™.
If you don't want to mess with the Terminal there's an application called BatCHMOD that will take care of all this for you.
Is your firmware up to date?
You need to upgrade your firmware.
Unreal Tournament + Tac Ops Quake 3 + Urban Terror (I think) also maybe Ghost Recon
[quote]Originally posted by westonm: As a side note, how do people find these kind of things out?
Go in the Terminal and type defaults read Apple\\ Global\\ Domain\\ That might get you somewhere. [ 11-18-2002: Message edited by: crawlingparanoia ]

Moo. What?
Hmmm... I tried doing it by hand through the Terminal like you did, and I fscked up too. Took me three tries (with reinstalls) to get it right. My advice: go to versiontracker.com and download Swap Cop or Swap Relocator.
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