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If you want to enable the JFS type the following in the Terminal: sudo diskutil enableJournal /
Hmm... even if they were right, what's going to happen? Who's going to find out? I mean... really? I wouldn't worry about it.
[quote]Originally posted by CaseCom: Solid white instead of clear plastic with white interior?
Yep. I think just the $999 model though. [Hmmm]
You can find it here. [edit - link fixed] [ 11-09-2002: Message edited by: crawlingparanoia ]

You could just force-quit the Finder, that's what I do.
AFAIK, the Windows iPod does not use HFS so it won't work with a Mac... maybe you could use the iPod Updater in conjunction with Disk Utility (erase & format as HFS, then update it?)
I have a linksys and its address is The last d-link I worked on was
My girlfriend is hotter than all of them. [ 11-05-2002: Message edited by: crawlingparanoia ]

[quote]Originally posted by lolo: I thought they were going to talk about how Apple's original iMac in 1998 started it all. But no. Not at all. They don't even mention it once. Can you believe this? [No]
I fail to see how the iMac had anything to do with this.
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