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[quote]Originally posted by pfflam: Oh yeah . . . the worst to date for me: can't remember the title but it just came out in video, Mathew Mconnomy(sp?) plays a guy possessed by God to kill demons awful awfull . . . I snuck in to watch it . . and stayed for a while . . . i thought that it had some good acting . . . but when it turned out to be about a guy who is really possessed by God in order to kill demons . . unstead of what I thought it would be: a story...
So I'm a CS major (might go the ECS route), I've got a DP 533 G4, and I might be able to get my hands on an older G3 tower, 266MHz, 96MB RAM, 6GB HD, 6MB VRAM. The thing is, it would be free, but I don't want to take it unless I can get some use out of it. Apartment living means my space is scarce and if something is not in use it needs to go. So, what use could I get out of this machine? Linux? Server of some sort? Firewall? Currently there's 3 of us sharing DSL over a...
This whole thing is shite... I swear... [No]
[quote]Originally posted by Spart: Not to mentioned how easy it would be for someone to tackle you.
[Laughing] Yeah, I'm always worried about getting tackled as I'm walking down the street.
Blast Corps
.Mac does not support .php, sorry.
[quote]Originally posted by trick fall: I was actually thinking how cool it would be if a wide reciever was doing that stupid "first down" signal at the end of a catch if some line backer would just come out of nowhere and blind side em.
[quote]Originally posted by pyr3: -- xBox has [...] SSX Tricky [...] ( I know that SSX Tricky is on PS2, but I like the XBox version better ... I have played both versions )
Don't forget that SSX tricky is also on GameCube. Also don't forget the GameCube has an awesome controller.
Sometimes QT has trouble with the MPEG streams. What you can do is to separate them with bbDEMUX.
I think it just syncs with iPods via Firewire, cell phones via bluetooth, and Palm devices via USB.
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