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My guess is new Multi-touch Cinema Displays and Multi-Touch Macbook Pros Ala Cintiq, but with multitouch, and sits on a nice CD like base with iSight built in of course. Reason why noone else could do it-- patent on multi touch Reasons why profit margins would be good-- apple gets a great deal on new shit hot panels, and sells them for outrageous prices The competitors have been trying to make a functional tablet pc and monitor for years now and have failed miserably,...
Why remove iSights from the Studio displays? I'd make the above changes ^^^
hopefully this is the right place to post this (and not future hardware), i was thinking of getting an ipod and i know everyone loves them and all, but $400-500 is alot of scratch for me to drop. there's been rumors and far fetched speculation that the ipod will merge into a cell phone, or all kinds of other crazy rumors. is there a concrete, or fairly accurate idea of when they'll be updated next, or is it relatively safe for me to buy into one now? any idea of what the...
is there ANY word of when an ipod 2 might be around? i'm saving up some cash for an ipod and i dont want to drop $400 if theres a new one around the corner.. apple makes me so wary of buying things, them and their giant unannounced expos. i wish they'd release things at a regular interval with like.. announcements beforehand.. gaw
geforce4 mx in the imac = nearly a geforce2 =\\
this macworld is bumming me out, ooh.. itunes makes my audio level the same. yay. that's all that's benefited me so far besides jaguar. i'm seriously bummed that i'm going to have to find a new host for my site though, i guess it's time i get proper domain name hosting instead of zonedit with itools he better pull a rabbit out of his ass by the end of the keynote. [ 07-17-2002: Message edited by: CapnPyro ]

i am strangely optimistic. i havn't really been impressed by a keynote since i bought my G4 450 (downgraded tragically in the 500mhz fiasco) in the fall of '99.. they've had their moments, but nothing truly impressive in the recent years i need a new computer, and apple needs another homerun, so i'm totally unfoundedly betting on 1.6-2ghz G5's. idiotically optimistic i know, because theres no way they'd increase their mhz 100% and w/ a new cpu, but it's what i want to...
you mean like this thing that sonys had out for a couple of years? it can also playback short video clips, record voice mail memo's, play slide shows etc. it also knows when you turn it if its landscape or portrait etc.
dang links broke =\\ [ 01-15-2002: Message edited by: CapnPyro ]

.. in future hardware. theres been some serious spamming and overlapping of topics, but you guys seem to have a handle on it. well done.
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