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I'd be happy, if just the Plex app was in the TV App store right from the start. Soon to be followed by the BBC iPlayer app.
Shipping in which countries?
You mean like the BBC as one example?   I have been nagging them for at least a year to dump this PoS but....
All great but when a customer sends a complex docx or pptx file with multiple tables in Japanese for translation, conversions to and from Pages and Keynote just don't handle it well.  All sorts of double-byte font conversion and page layout issues and an absolute PITA. Pages and Keynote are nice but the conversions with non-English languages are not.
Getting back to Office 2016 for a moment, after 3 months beta testing, my problem is that it is still loaded with serious unfixed bugs. Some examples:   1. Try find Advanced find and replace in Word and watch the double inserts in the left sub-screen. 2. Try running spellcheck in PowerPoint and watch as it switches randomly between Danish, Swedish and other languages in a completely English document. 3. Try getting an accurate word count in Properties of...
With one of the world's biggest, best, cleanest, and almost always on-time public transport systems, missing out on Tokyo is a BIG FAIL Apple.
I'd buy one in an eye blink if it had blood glucose monitoring.
Hallelujah—I am waiting for the external force trackpad (and the Apple TV4).
Yes, I know the Pegasus2 R8 and it is nicely engineered piece of kit that I have used, but for $4000 extra to get 32 TB of storage, I'd have preferred Apple to design a different form-factor than a bloody cylinder to incorporate that storage internally. As your desktop shows, you end up with a beautiful black cylinder and a large shoebox full of external drives.  Yes, falling prices for big SSDs will help in the future and is obviously the way to go. There's another...
Hmm—A 6 GB RAID 0 will store a few seconds.   I guess you mean 6 TB?  RAID 0 is not what I'd call up to the redundancy backup standard either, but each to his/her own.   One of my current set-ups uses two z-pools on internal 6-Gbps SATA each of 4 x 4 TB for 24 TB of total storage allowing for 2 x 4 TB disk redundancy. How do I get eight disks in a MacPro—4 in the drive trays and 4 in the optical drive spaces using a PCie card and special power supply.   The cylinder...
New Posts  All Forums: