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I'd buy one in an eye blink if it had blood glucose monitoring.
Hallelujah—I am waiting for the external force trackpad (and the Apple TV4).
Yes, I know the Pegasus2 R8 and it is nicely engineered piece of kit that I have used, but for $4000 extra to get 32 TB of storage, I'd have preferred Apple to design a different form-factor than a bloody cylinder to incorporate that storage internally. As your desktop shows, you end up with a beautiful black cylinder and a large shoebox full of external drives.  Yes, falling prices for big SSDs will help in the future and is obviously the way to go. There's another...
Hmm—A 6 GB RAID 0 will store a few seconds.   I guess you mean 6 TB?  RAID 0 is not what I'd call up to the redundancy backup standard either, but each to his/her own.   One of my current set-ups uses two z-pools on internal 6-Gbps SATA each of 4 x 4 TB for 24 TB of total storage allowing for 2 x 4 TB disk redundancy. How do I get eight disks in a MacPro—4 in the drive trays and 4 in the optical drive spaces using a PCie card and special power supply.   The cylinder...
I also use Fibre Channel for external storage but it's not the same as having 4 x 4 TB of internal storage.
 Or they could completely abandon it (like the Newton or the other small Mac in a perspex box—what was it called, I forget!) ​1 TB max until Tiger released a 2 TB SSD a few weeks ago and still pathetically small—do you know how much storage raw 4K video uses per minute?
I stand corrected on TB1/TB2. You know there is going to be an update? Apple has pretty much let the MacPro cylinder languish since release. People who use high-end WS  like the MacPro need gobs of storage and the pathetic 1 TB internal storage max. does not hack it for any price. The external TB options for storage are ugly, inconvenient and expensive.
And what a letdown it (garbage can Mac Pro) is—hardly anything in way of convenient LARGE external storage solutions, small internal storage, slow Thunderbolt 1, a nightmare to rack-up, and no recent updates. Sales must be almost non-existent—most video professionals I know are either keeping old cheesegrater boxes or switching OS.
I'd ask for cash refund since ATV4 is only (reputedly) 3 weeks away.
After waiting almost 3 years for this, any rumour now feels like the "Free Beer Tomorrow" sign in a pub. Ship it already Apple even if the TV contracts won't be inked until 2016.
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