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In fact, you can buy an unlocked phone online from Apple Japan here for about 75,000 yen.  Apple Japan does not widely advertize this but then you face the problem of no payngo SIMs and very few MNVOs (two perhaps) none of whom offer payngo.  The MNVO SIM has to be purchased for a minimum 1-year contract using monthly credit card payments from a Japanese cc.   It is a locked-up market waiting for some serious disruption IMO.
As a SoftBank subscriber in Japan, what I take from this story is that however Son gained exclusive first rights to the iPhone in Japan, it enabled him to lock the iPhone and keep it locked even after au and DoCoMo joined the fray 3 years later. SoftBank users (and now au and DoCoMo) STILL CANNOT get a factory IMIEI unlock of their off-contract 3GS, 4, 4S and soon 5 units. We have paid our 2-year contracts but remain forever locked to SoftBank's not so great business...
As I see it, the problems for Apple TV in the WORLD markets are not hardware but content, content, and content. I have an ATV here in Tokyo but there is hardly any content worth watching on it; no Netflix, Hulu is local Japanese stuff of little interest, and most of the sport channels don't play. My major use is with Plex using the PlexConnect Trailers hijack and watching Plex channels. If Apple is going to "own" the TV market outside the US, it needs to think about how to...
Sadly, it is not just gmail accounts that are affected. I have a MBP with two IMAP accounts with non-Apple and non-Google providers and it is affected by this bug. Another Mac Pro with only Apple iCloud accounts is never affected. Apple has known about this for months and still has got a 100% fix.
Far far far too expensive%u2014I just counted the bulbs in my small house (currently using LEDs and LED spots that cost about $5 to $8 each now). The result is 20 upstairs and 13 downstairs. 33 x 60 = almost $2000 for lightbulbs%u2014dream on Philips.
Nope—not in Japan.The best they can manage is a few Lucky Dip bags for 32,000 yen where one or two in 1000 people win a MacBook Air, a few more get an iPad, and the rest of us get 32,000 yen's worth of old stock and stuff that is not shifting well in the stores. And for this privilege, you have too queue all night outside the store.AJ has non-existent discounting for 364 days a year.
Ummm%u2014what about Japan? If US BF deals are good for Europe and the Antipodes, why should other regions lose out?
The new Pages and Keynote just showed up free in Software Updates for the two '09 standalone versions I purchased last year on an old Mac Pro 4,1 running Mavericks
I have lived in Japan for 30 years and worked in mobile for 20 of those. DoCoMo needs some iPhone service differentiation from SB and au. As a first step in stemming the hemorrhage, it could offer subscribers the chance to unlock an iPhone free-of-charge after 2 months on contract (like many Eu carriers). Neither SB (a dreadful company) nor au offer unlocking even after an iPhone goes out of contract after 2 years. Second, DoCoMo could advertise its far far superior...
I have mixed feelings about Nuance and especially about its business model. I bought the quite expensive DD for Mac a few years ago and it has always behind the curve with slow updates but recent versions were semi-OK, although still not multi-processor aware AFAIK. Then in the last 12 months all updates have stopped but I am being bombarded with special offers on an almost daily basis to buy DD for massively reduced rates. The reason? Well I think it is because...
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