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That's the spirit!
This thing should cost $29.99!
This is just pitiful! Where have you people been living?
OK, I'm impressed! You people have hung on this long and it was a real feat! I acknowlwdge it, so now it's time t o join the real world! Vista awaits thee.
The PERFECT iMac! I admit it, the iMac is one impressive piece of hardware! Why the heck HP, Dell, Compac, Leveno, Matel, Sony.... can't make a computer this sleek, beautiful and powerful is beyond me. HOWEVER, as nice as this computer seems to be it has one huuugggeee flaw, THE SOFTWARE! These things come with some lame Vista rip-off OS installed! This is simply unacceptable. MY ANSWER! Wipe the hard drive and install Vista Ultimate, this thing should really...
Vista is gonna roll over you all!
Once Vista SP3 comes out, you people are TOAST!
This is gonna kill the iPud!
New Posts  All Forums: