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What's the difference? You have to watch ads even on the paid version (which I think is BS, since they are charging both the user a subscription AND the companies to advertise on the shows.) I guarantee you that you won't have full access to all the programming they offer on the iPhone or iPad without a subscription.
 As far as I know, the GM has to be downloaded from the dev site.  Not being supported for updates over air.
Well for all of you that don't like the transparency, your wish has been granted. The GM version has made things opaque gray tinted with whatever color your background is using. Personally I prefer the transparency to this. Very disappointed.
I like the iPhone just the way it is. Those wider pieces of plastic are just fugly and I'd be worried about how I was going to put that thing in my pocket, let alone sit down somewhere while it's in there. The iPhone was designed to be primarily a phone, and that's what it is. The others are trying to be phone and tablet-jack of all trades, master of none.
So all this only works if you can qualify for a Walmart credit card... derp.
So how do I get rid of the black background in the grid now? It was nice in iTunes 9/10, but in this version 11, the text is a mess and hard to read. There is no option for Preferences/General/Grid View anymore. I can't find anyplace else to change the background color. Any ideas?
I cannot believe that shareholders are keeping this insane person as CEO. Under his watch, the company hasn't done ANYTHING of note in the last two decades. It's almost like he's trying to create a reality distortion field like Steve Jobs did, but Ballmer is the only one in it. @theothergeoff: You nailed it.
I wish the iPhone version of Clock had this clock face.  Maybe in a future update the iPad and iPhone clock apps will "sync"
I say Datagate.  Though I'm opposed to using the word "gate" as a suffix regardless.  Damn you Nixon!!
Looking at the pictures on their website, it looks like they are using Windows 3.1 for the OS on that POS. Twenty-first restaurant??  Hardly.       http://ameranth.com/images/Ameranth21stCentRest_PocketPhoto.png
New Posts  All Forums: