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BOOM! Retailer-Backed Apple Pay Rival CurrentC Has Been Hacked, Testers’ Email Addresses Stolen http://tcrn.ch/10yNMTX
Why the hell would any payment company need access to my health info?? No thanks. You can keep your MCX crap. I won't be patronizing any company that uses it.
I had The first iPhone in 2007 with AT&T. Back then it really was unlimited. Back then there weren't so many people on their network. When they realized they were losing money because data was becoming more important than voice and text they tried to eliminate unlimited data and push people to limited plans. Some people didn't bite and that started the throttling. They never mentioned anything about throttling when they first offered unlimited data. The second they started...
I hate being forced to use M$ products because other businesses use the crapware. It is so entrenched that people just accept whatever garbage comes out of Redmond, Washington. It's the only reason M$ is still in business because these companies don't want to spend the money and switch to something better.
What the hell is "Microsoft Office Personality"? Another paper clip toy?
Perhaps you do.un·lim·it·ed adjective \-ˈli-mə-təd\: without any limits or restrictions: not limited in number or amountIt doesn't make exceptions for type or amount or speeds or anything.
Holder reminds me of a little brat that yells at Mom because he doesn't like what his sibling is doing to distract her from the fact he's stealing cookies from the cookie jar. The entire Obama administration can take a long walk off a short plank as far as I'm concerned. They had help of course from previous administrations, but they have taken it to new heights of unconstitutionalism.
No they didn't make a bigger screen because Samsung was selling them. They made a bigger screen because they listened to their customers who wanted a bigger screen. Apple never does anything simply because someone else is doing it. If that were the case, we would still have ugly physical keyboards on the iPhone, and BlackBerry would still be on top.
What's the difference? You have to watch ads even on the paid version (which I think is BS, since they are charging both the user a subscription AND the companies to advertise on the shows.) I guarantee you that you won't have full access to all the programming they offer on the iPhone or iPad without a subscription.
 As far as I know, the GM has to be downloaded from the dev site.  Not being supported for updates over air.
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