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It would be great if someone could figure out if this is the case for Lion as well. I just got a new MacBook Air with Lion and I'l love to be able to upgrade my iMac to Lion without paying for the download...sounds like the same situation as iLife, doesn't it? Does anyone know for sure if you can or can't do this?
I think I heard that when you purchase Lion via the Mac App Store you can install it on all your Macs since it's tied to your iTunes account. If I buy a new MacBook Air with Lion can I then upgrade my iMac as well? Does anyone know how this would work? DO I have to somehow register the copy of Lion I get with the MacBook with my iTunes acct? Thanks for any info! Splyntyr
Anyone hear any more info about when these will be released? I am definitely waiting for the refresh to buy, but am getting impatient!!! ;-)
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