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Or an Eiffel tower in the middle of Vegas. Apart from copy's in Vegas is there really much risk of someone copying an iconic building design.
I think we've known for just over a year that 2 of those are being merged into 1 os. So I doubt they've asked for anything like that, unless there telling him to stick to Balmers plan, which seems very unlikely.General consensus I've read is that the mini wasn't different enough to other windows devices and the Surface line is meant to fill in gaps, not be the same as the competition.The second reason is that Office as a Windows style app isn't out yet and they didn't want...
The dvd drive on both my macs failed so I think we can say that macs have a 100% failure rate on dvd drives. Good job the Apple TV doesn't have one and must be the real reason Apple started removing drives from their products.
I think developers will ultimately go for it. Will ultimately push more apps to use IAP though. The problem developers have is the app store lowered what people expect to pay for something. Then it required updates to be free meaning trying to do a version 2 is a gamble at loosing a ranking. Now with sharing your incomes lowered further. IAP is one of the only ways to get the real value from a customer, but its also a really ugly way of selling.
I always find the comments about people switching weird. Of course people switch, after a while you get board and want something different.
I cant see Microsoft releasing this thing. I don't doubt they've made it, they've been making watches for years. But there calling themselves software again and don't really want to be in hardware. Releasing a watch that even if it does well wont sell that much seems unlikely. The potential market is just to small fir a Microsoft product.
That sounds like Apples hands are tied more by their own business model rather than anything the DOJ have done. Obviously getting a publisher to sign a contract saying you get 30% and the publisher cant have a book sold for less elsewhere is the ultimate deal for Apple. They can say there store is the cheapest, not have to do any work in setting prices, and never worry about publishers trying to increase there margins as there only option is to remove the books. They...
Does this actually come as a surprise to anyone? I think virtually ever large take over deal I've read the details of is actually paid with different amounts of money and shares in different countries. If your selling stuff in the billions part of it is going to be working out where all the money would be. They wouldn't agree a price and then say by the way its non usa money. There also not really saving anything as they have no reason to ever bring the money to the states.
Are Apples hands really that tied? If they had the power for force publishers into a deal where books couldn't be offered cheaper than the iBooks price then they must have enough power to buy then at the cheapest wholesale price.
I know a couple of people that are having this exact issue. Removing your number from your Apple ID doesn't seem to make any difference. Its seems more like an issue that your friends phones have learned you have an iPhone so they send an iMessage and anything you do on your phone wont have an instant effect on theirs, therefore you have to wait the 45 days for their phones to update.
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