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Are Apples hands really that tied? If they had the power for force publishers into a deal where books couldn't be offered cheaper than the iBooks price then they must have enough power to buy then at the cheapest wholesale price.
I know a couple of people that are having this exact issue. Removing your number from your Apple ID doesn't seem to make any difference. Its seems more like an issue that your friends phones have learned you have an iPhone so they send an iMessage and anything you do on your phone wont have an instant effect on theirs, therefore you have to wait the 45 days for their phones to update.
I can sort of see it making sense from the perspective that while the iPod has a level of status, Apple headphones have never had a quality status against them. The Apple Hi-Fi was also a bit of a flop. So they might be after Beats as a way of getting some credibility.   But if that's the case I doubt it would work as it's just like Dell buying Alienware. Once their part of Apple you would assume it would just be Apple stuff with a Beats logo.
Nintendo could port all their titles to every other device, but then they would never have any success again in the hardware business. Its essentially what Sega did after the Dreamcast flopped. Seems a bit drastic though, to throw a whole business away when your latest version of a console is a dud. The Game Cube wasn't that great and at the time it seemed like they were going to die in hardware. But then the Wii came out and everyone bought it, even non gamers bought...
I probably fall into the reports category of very light use of Office apps other than outlook. But: 1. Some of the excel files im looking at use features not in alternative web based apps 2. Office is really fast and easy with things like smart objects and screen shot buttons. So the 20 mins in a month I use word for is very efficient 3. Like most people I know Office. If i spent 2 hours learning something new. The cost of non production work for that time would be...
What do you mean by cheaper if your not talking about what the end user pays. Do you mean manufacturing cost or the price a retailer pays Samsung for them?
Depends on what each of their aims are. For the last few years Nokia have been spending to try and come in just under break even. Profit hasn't been a large aim of theirs as they need to get market share back on an upward trajectory and to do that they need to invest everything they can. Who knows what Samsung targets are, at the end of the day though they've built their share of the market up to be bigger then Nokia, Apple and LG combined. And its not like they've done it...
Depends what type of user you are. If your a home user then you probably don't need an enterprise level solution but depending where you work can probably get office really cheap on a home use program. If your an organisation a 365 subscription is a similar price to what you would have been paying for licenses anyway, but now has the bonus of ipad apps thrown in too. I get why people compare it to other apps and think its expensive, but MS's main target market is...
Wow in not a fan of the Samsung phones but selling more than Nokia and Apple combined is seriously impressive! 2 companies that together you would think would dominate from cheap to high end phones beaten by one company.
I thought the ad was about being different. Hence pointing out features like being able to use the phone with gloves. If there is a comparison of people doing colour on phones though it really is Nokias thing. Ever since WP7 came out Nokias phones have been colourful. If you see a bright yellow phone you know its the Nokia with the high res camera just by the colour.
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