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Sounds nice. Now how about a dividend payment, or is Apple trying to be the first company to loose $40 billion when the bank its sitting in goes bankrupt.
People die every day in a vast number of different scenarios. Yes its a tragic event but life still goes on and people still have their jobs to do. What do you expect people to do? Stop doing their jobs and just feel sorry for those affected?
Are Apple stored different in the US as in the UK there basically no different to any other store. Granted the staff are nice and the genius bar is good for getting your new iPod when it inevitably breaks. But it would just be nicer if there products didn't break so much.
It's sad as I've wanted one for a while, but they never came to the UK. But they were never going to beat Apple, it didn't matter how much better than the iPod they made it, people would still buy iPods. People know they want an iPod even before they know what they look like or anything other than the fact it plays music and that's hard to compete with. Another underlying reason though could be more to do with Windows Phone 7. Any new version would need to be updated to...
I agree changing the name and launching a new product would be awful. People only associate Zune with being bad because it didn't do very well against the iPod, but then the hardware was never released outside the us and Canada, so all the rest of the world knows about it is what they see with wp7 and Xbox. To be fair on these it is really good and offers something completely different to iTunes and Apple tv. All they should really be focusing on is getting the service...
Self storage to me sounds like storing on the users machine. If apple stored it then that would be completely different and a service potentially worth paying for. As for turning computers off, I'm sure a lot of people leave them on all the time. But I'm sure there are others like me. I have an iMac and a Mac Book. The iMac only gets used once a fortnight as the Mac Books easier so I don't see the point leaving it on, however it has the big hard drive and therefore has all...
If its not free then who cares, it would just remain an overpriced service you don't really need. As for self storage, that's an awful idea. People turn there machines off otherwise its just a waste of electricity and money. Particularly if you have a laptop there's no real feasible way to have it on when your not around.
People who downloaded pirate music and then had there internet cut off. Or people from rural areas that maybe have internet bit at a very slow speed. Like someone else said though, arnt Macs mean to be easy!
Anyone in the software industry cares and ultimately consumers will eventually care. The post you replied to also failed to take into account that the developer will also loose 40% of what they receive from Apple in tax and also assumes every app developer is also building the apps from their bedroom in order to have no additional overheads. But back to the point of who cares. Apple have made it very easy for anyone to sell apps, however now we have people that are just...
Now we just need wireless syncing, only been waiting around 6 years for it.
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