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WTF if it fails the others can pick up the 5% market share MS has. Its only 5% so who cares? The way I see it this is really good for MS and Nokia. Nokia get to save a load on money by not having to develops an os. MS is gaining more devices but more importantly a partner that will actually advertise the product! There are basically no adverts for wp7, a few before xmas but since then nothing. Everyone running android (which also tend to have wp7 as well) also gains...
Because Apple make more than the store selling the product. Payment gateways usually charge up to 5% and Apple charges 30%, all because they control the market and therefore can.
2 reasons off the top of my head (was going to write more but can't be bothered) - Its an awesome platform. They may be last but they've learnt from everyone elses mistakes. Its not fully featured yet, but it does a lot of very simple things a lot better. A bit like when ipods paused your music when you took the headphones out. Not worth advertising but a sign of quality. - Clear roadmaps. One minute googles producing the os, then thee own phone. MS tends to keep people...
Nice post for the day Nokia announces there going to adopt WP7 for all there smartphones. Not Android and WP7 just WP7.
Ignoring the fact that this is being forced on the publishers. If you just want to recieve payments in this way, all Apple is doing is acting as a payment gateway. PayPal only charge 5% to take payments for you so 30% is just extreme.
what do you mean try again. I was only commenting on what had be encoded for an iPhone, which isn't everything.
No only a fraction of them are, however it's done in a clever way so that's it mainly repetition of content that's removed. Good way to test is do I search on your phone and computer and compare the results.
Apple doesn't exactly do much other than iPhones and iPads. It represents over half of there business, so what do you expect?
How is it like taking on a partner, if you take on a partner you split the profit. Apple still takes 30% even if there is no profit. And how is it out the back door, you pay Apple to distribute your app and they also get 30% of what it sells for. After that its nothing to do with Apple. It would be like saying when I buy something from Amazon on my Mac, running Windows, using Google Chrome they've sold it to me through the back door as Apple, Microsoft and Google all...
Good for consumers, good for Apple, not so so great for the people putting in the work to produce apps. If you are an independent developer and you price your app at 79p you will pay 23.7p to Apple and 15.8p in tax leaving you with 39.5p. After that you also have to pay income tax (in the UK thats about 40%) so your then going to loose another 15.8p from what you had left leaving you with 23.7p. Apple has made exactly the same as you but they didn't do anything. Now some...
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