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Depends what type of user you are. If your a home user then you probably don't need an enterprise level solution but depending where you work can probably get office really cheap on a home use program. If your an organisation a 365 subscription is a similar price to what you would have been paying for licenses anyway, but now has the bonus of ipad apps thrown in too. I get why people compare it to other apps and think its expensive, but MS's main target market is...
Wow in not a fan of the Samsung phones but selling more than Nokia and Apple combined is seriously impressive! 2 companies that together you would think would dominate from cheap to high end phones beaten by one company.
I thought the ad was about being different. Hence pointing out features like being able to use the phone with gloves. If there is a comparison of people doing colour on phones though it really is Nokias thing. Ever since WP7 came out Nokias phones have been colourful. If you see a bright yellow phone you know its the Nokia with the high res camera just by the colour.
Sounds like a overly complex solution. Windows Phone just recognises your car Bluetooth to enable driving mode. Good to see that it could be coming to iPhone as well. I imagine it would be optional for users to turn on like the WP version.
I agree it was probably more about wanting to keep the best people with the thought that Apples best people are better than their competitors and therefore this deal would be better for Apple. But at the same time he or someone else at Apple must have thought it would be cheaper and easier to retain people by taking away the potential jobs rather than incentivising them to stay. Even to the point where they thought the benefits of doing it this way would also out way the...
I hope so along with detecting frustration and anger in the way your asking it to do something. Adding an event called "work Christmas party" that wasn't on Christmas day seemed totally beyond her.
I wouldn't say its that distracting. It generally starts with a phone call with someone asking if your interested. If a company doesn't want their staff poached they should be focussing on making the staff always answer that their not interested because what they've already got is so good.It might be crude, but I wouldn't call it uncalled for. If your employer is under paying you compared to the market you should call them out on it. There either going to give you the pay...
Does Siri understand commands that are said as part of context? E.g. Asking for a list of restaurants and then asking which take reservations and it knowing that your still talking about the list of restaurants. I didn't think it did, article seems to suggest otherwise though.
 They used Cortana as an internal codename and were intending to call it something out. But after a user petition received more votes than any other on the win phone user voice site within 2 days of being raised they kept the name and got the same actress to do the voice.
The fact is it has to be free. Office is primarily and enterprise product and paying for it yearly isn't anything new with 365. Eventually most of the people downloading and using this app won't be buying a personal subscription to 365 through the app. They will be activating the one they have from work. It's just a weird way of thinking about it. When I think of fermium apps I think of the ones that have swapped an initial price for buying the app to an in app purchase so...
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