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My point is that they both have a lot of products that the other one doesn't have a competing product for, and in a lot of cases where they do there still not necessarily competing. Going back through that list.. - Maps. Yes Apple bought a mapping company, but they have yet to release a product and who knows what form it will come in. - Servers. Dropping the XServer means they've dropped out of the serious server business. Your not going to get anything serious running off...
But where don't they compete... Microsoft is in the following area that Apple is not: - Search - News (as in MSN) - ERP & CRM - Maps - Database Servers - Servers (now Apples dumping Xserver) - Email Servers - Web Languages - Whatever you class Silverlight as - Gaming platforms (as in DirectX) - Games Consoles - Surface - A whole load of other software products (Amalga, Forefront, Money etc) Then if you compare things they do that are the same there's still huge differences...
The kin may be unsold to consumers but you have no way of knowing if Microsoft was paid for the licenses or not. It would depend if there selling on a sale or return basis or not. Given that phones generally get packaged specific for a carrier I would guess that Microsoft has been paid for any phones at least delivered to carriers with no option for return.
This isn't actual phone sales, but the fact that the number has increased means that enough phones have been sold to require more licenses to be purchased. So on the whole it seems good. Not iPhone beating in the slightest but these things take years to gain momentum. Just look how many more iPhones got sold last year and it was already popular.
Very impressive results. However some things that struck me: 1. The iPhone has a higher average selling price than the iPad. Does it really cost more to produce or is the profit lower. 2. High sales of the iPods doesn't actually achieve much in revenue compared to the iPhone. 3. Almost 40% of the revenue comes from the iPhone. I would like to see how much profit each product actually brings in because if the iPhone has the highest profit margin then it's possible...
That may be true but whenever flash is mentioned on here it's referee to as a closed proprietary format because adobe own it. Yet it is a standards that can be implemented without paying royalties. So it seems that the defenition of open is changed to always favour what apple is doing.
The problem anyone making a smartphone has is that the iPhone was awesome and still is. Between the 3G and 4 very little has actualy changed because there isn't really much they can or need to change. Which means there isn't anything big someone can release to beat Apple. I have switched to wp7 but when I did I didn't get the feeling that it was so much better, more that it was the same experiance. However after using it for over a month and then using an iPhone again...
Yes there will but its not going to be hugely important in apples future
I wouldn't class the iPad as a pc based on the fact it has artificial restrictions to determin its use. E.g You can't write your own apps and distribute them freely. Because of this its different to a pc. In the same way an Xbox or Playstation arnt pcs despite the technical similarities. A windows 7 based tablet however would be a pc as it has the same functionality as a pc.
50 maybe.Really? I'd put it around 10 million, sales had dropped heavily last year and I've yet to see anyone with one of the new versions (apart from the iPod Touch). I also hardly ever see anyone with an old one either, looks like the iPhone's killing off the iPod.
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