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My advice as your in the UK would be wait till you view (http://www.youview.com/) comes out next year. It's backed by BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Five, BT and a couple of others. So its basically going to have all the content you want for free (or with ads), the number of box's around will be the same as Freeview and Freesat box's and will be around the same price if not less.
Hasn't roku also sold 1million of its media streamers and given the average person has never heard of roku that makes apples achievement not particularly special. Also didn't Microsoft sell something like a million kinnects in a month? No idea if that translates to a million xboxs but it also does all the stuff atv does as well.
Not hugely surprising, the bombardment of iPad ads I see every week look like they've dropped all mention of books, indicating maybe people arnt hugely interested in it as a e-reader. While at the same time I know people that don't even read books talking about getting a kindle.
Except for the fact that Microsoft hasn't scaled back any plans for Silverlight, its still due to have its 5th release in 4 years and is still the framework they plan to use on many different platforms. What Dan has really done is show a complete misunderstanding of anything outside of Apple. The goal of Silverlight in browsers has always been to provide cross browser functionality where browsers natively miss the functionality. As browsers get better the recomendation has...
Not sure I agree with that entirely. There's a limited number of apps that make a lot of money and when there cheap you really have to sell a lot of apps. On a 79p app, once you take off apples share and the tax your only left with around 35p, to cover just the cost of 1 developer for a week means selling 6000 copys and its going to take a lot more than that to produce. Handheld gaming devices are a bit dead but there's still a definate place for expensive games.
Sony can probably build a better portable device for gaming as button are far better than a touch screen for a lot of games. But Apple and other smartphones are always going to win because its on your phone. A lot of people don't by an iPhone because it plays games but buy games for it because they have the phone and it plays games.
where on earth did you get those dates from. Wp7 was shown in January 2010, However people new about it a year before that. I don't think they copied anything from anyone on this one.
well that really depends on how many ports your telly has and how many you've already used. Its also because people have to justify the price, at £99 its not exactly cheap compared to what else is out there.
I agree in a few years I think you will see an actual Apple tv. Its not a huge profit area like there other products but there going to be forced by the market to do it. Googles already launched there tv software, and Microsoft and Adobe and both know to be building versions of Silverlight and flash for tvs. Apple have to get involved otherwise iTunes for tv is effectively dead. Plus they have to expand somehow and what other electronic consumer products are left.
Personally I think they've missed the boat with this one, which is a shame because I've been wanting it even before it existed but they never made it quite good enough. If they had riveled the Wii it could have become the family console but now any direction towards games would be a disaster. It would be the underpowered console with rubbish games, and if there was any sign game prices would go down to the level of iPhone games publishers would abandon it effectively...
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