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So as OS X, Windows and Linux all operate in a free open market every single app available on all 3 platforms is crappy and they has never been anything any good. And as the web is open standards with no restrictions on people publishing stuff however they want every single website is crappy. Are you saying in-fact that this website is crappy as it's been allowed to exist as it's been allowed to have been accessed without any approval from Apple? Seriously dude you better...
No there determining if blocking Flash or Adobe's tool to convert Flash to Objective C is unlawful. I don't think anything anywhere has said that the result would be forcing Apple to install Flash. It would be forcing Apple to allow people to install flash if they choose to do so. For everyone saying Flash is crap and there's not even a working version for iPhone. This is more than Flash, Adobe may have filed the complaint. But Apple isn't just blocking Flash, there...
Apart from the Viruses there are for Macs, it's just a lot of people using Macs can't admit to themselves that something actually is a Virus. There are virus protectors for Macs and there not just programs with an icon that don't do anything. Are they a problem for Mac users. No. In the same way that the average windows home user is likely to never have an issue with a virus a mac user isn't either.
Not really apples business model is all about selling new hardware. They dropped power pc support on macs making you have to buy a whole new mac instead of a new os. It was inevitable that at some point new phone features would only be availiable to new models to make people buy a new phone.
Sounds about right given what it does. Although I would have thought there would have been a separate designer for the interface and a tester at some point. Small teams always work best though. Even on big projects you would split stuff up so people can take ownership of a section. Doesn't explain it not being updated though. Did he loose the code or is it just so bad nobody else understands it?
Every decent product is a vendor lock in though. I like my iPhone and Mac, but there's no denying that they lock me into Apple. Sounds like a reasonable price, if all you want is to do some typing there always Office online for free. Also has anyone tried the online version of office on an iPad? Does it work? I tried on my iPhone once and it loaded but the phone lacked the power to actually do anything at speed. Plus there was a huge memory issue.
I agree completely. Unfortunately what Microsoft are good at is writing tools for developers, making technology like deep zoom, .net and a whole bunch of stuff that makes it really easy to make really powerful apps. But consumers don't give a crap about how stuff works and that's where Apple succeed. They make things like the iPhone which OS doesn't even have things like garbage collection that's at least 15 years old. But it does have really nice animations and it looks...
A lot of people have said this but I just can't see it. Out of all the big players Apple has produced less web apps than anyone. They've built safari to support them but thats where it ends. Apples business is based around building consumer products that will last up to 3 years to then be replaced. The newer revenue streams are all about selling through a closed environment where they control everything with the Mac turning into the devices that keeps everything in sync....
Not sure I get the whole flash storage and local hard disk storage bit, but basically your saying the file system would sync. In which case been availiable for a while from Microsoft https://www.mesh.com/welcome/default.aspx (pic on the homepage sums it up), and I'm fairly certain they wernt the first.
Would love it if that was the slogan.Makes me think iChat with Face Time, which would be nice but disappointing. Touch I can't see happening, I think they'd rather see touch on computers fail than end up copying a big feature from Windows 7.
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