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The Zune software for Windows doesn't sync contacts either, all it does is music, videos and photos. Everything else is cloud based. If you want to sync your mac contacts your basically limited to either syncing though Google or Yahoo as thats the only cloud based services OS X contacts sync with (other than mobile me).
Geeze some people really like there copy and paste, you would think the world was going to end if you didn't have it. As for people thinking the ui is a complete failure, I kinda like it, not everyones the same. I've stared at a liitle grid of icons on my phone for almost a decade, time for a change. One thing that hasn't been mentioned though is this now completes microsofts cloud based services. All you photos, contacts, calendars, emails, office files etc now sync....
I just went to buy one and they were sold out, so evidently more than just me.
Don't forget most website you visit (like this one) have their adverts managed by Google.
I kinda agree and disagree at the same time. If this was a patent for the technicalities of how interpreting the gesture is recognized then a movie wouldn't count as the movie just has an idea and no patentable technology on how it's done. But from what I've read this is a patent on the actual gesture being used on a mobile device, irrespective of any technology behind it. In which case is there is a film that has a person doing the same thing then it would be prior art...
Ok not quite zoom on an image but there's thishttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8lCetZ_57g About half way through he uses two fingers to make a box grow and this is from 1991. Now you can argue it doesn't effect the patent because it's not a mobile device, but my original point was that it seems stupid you can patent something that clearly already exists or was thought of by someone else just by adding the words "on a mobile device". It's still essentially the same idea.
You do realise though that your kid will find a way round all these restrictions, so all your doing is giving yourself a false sense of security.When I was young my parents wouldn't let me have a mobile phone. Solution I just bought one and didn't tell them. If kids can't get around the stuff this could do, they'll just buy another phone and not tell you about it.
Had also been around since the early 90s making it a bit odd for apple to now have a patent on it. Or is it really perfectly acceptable just to add the words "on a portable device" to the end of an idea and its considered completely new.
I couldn't disagree more. People get board of phone and like to change them just like they like to buy new clothes. Replacing an iPhone with a new iPhone to a lot will seem stupid as it basically the same phone with the same interface, but runs at the speed your phone used to run at when it was new. The biggest selling point MS have with WP7 is the fact it's not an iPhone and doesn't look like one. I've had my iPhone 3G since it came out and now I just want something new,...
Maybe my view is a little simplistic (I'm not claiming to be any kind of expert because I'm not) but essentially you invest money to make a return. If the company you invest in pays dividends then each you you've made some money which of course you could re-invest to make even more. If it doesn't then you are basically betting that the value of the stocks are going to increase. But as in your example if in 12 months time the value is at $400 the only way it could be worth...
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