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The payments and sales data sent anything surprising though. Its been on MS's site for months that the first payments will be in feburary, along with details on how you get stats on sales data. This articles basically quoted 2 people who didn't bother to read the process details when they signed up. As for the reports of slow sales, they also sit next to reports of a lack of devices making them meaningless.
It's been out for years and has done nothing. In the same time period (at least in the UK) the Xbox 360 has gained tv content, the Wii/Cable Box's/Sky Box's have all gained BBC iPlayer and BT (a telecoms company) launched a popular set top box with on demand, iPlayer and regular free and subscription tv. What's there to be premature about, Apple may call it a hobby but at the same time there are lots of other company's entering the same market and actually selling.Very...
To be an Apple killer doesn't Apples product first have to be a success! The only way any of these have a change of succeeding is if they actually start to play your regular tv content, until then it's hopeless. Especially when you consider people making traditional set top box's are adding things like iPlayer and cost less than an Apple TV.
Nice idea with the server app store, although MS have already done this with windows. Nice chart showing how much cheaper the OSX server would be, except it's left out the fact Linux would still be cheaper.
Err since when were things ok because you could replace the bit that breaks. That's like saying it would be fine buying a car where the wheels keep breaking because you can just replace them. I tend to think when I spend a few hundred pounds on something that it's going to last a few years.
My favorite part of this article has to be where the acid test is called impartial and written by a Google employee! The fact is the Microsoft tests are valid html5 tests which IE9 passes better than the others. At the same time the valid test written by a Google employee gets a higher pass by Chrome than IE. Doesn't take a genius to work out a companies developers will pass there own tests before others! So none of the browsers are perfect, so what? HTML5 is not...
That's just something all companies ask for in these cases. Nokia also asked for a ban on iPhones being imported. All things considered bit of a blow to Apple, but better for consumers. Apple may have a right to a lot of the technology in the iPhone, but imagine if the keyboard and mouse had a patent that was enforced, or the same with how you drive a car. Whete would the world be if these things had to be different with every manufacturer.
This article and most of it's comments seem to take an opinion on what Silverlight used to be. Talk on video's and replacing flash is only really applicable to Silverlight 1. The fact that MS supports HTML5 and any of those standards in no way changes the future plans of silverlight or the direction it's heading. It would be like saying Apple say developers should support HTML5 and follow it with an article saying Apple to dial down iOS. HTML5 is a web browser...
Only problem with that is someone else will be given the trademark and then they can sue apple.
The Zune software for Windows doesn't sync contacts either, all it does is music, videos and photos. Everything else is cloud based. If you want to sync your mac contacts your basically limited to either syncing though Google or Yahoo as thats the only cloud based services OS X contacts sync with (other than mobile me).
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