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Or it just says Steve shouldn't have sold half his Apple stock in 2006. In reality it says nothing about Microsoft and Apple. Most of Steve's money is in Disney and most of Bill's is in Cascade. Microsoft only accounts for $17b on Bills $54b and Apple only accounts for $1.5b of Steve's $6.1b. Neither of which are particularly unexpected. Microsoft and Apple arn't companies to invest in if you want to make a major return, there more like a place to put your money to protect...
I would question any success of the iPhone relating to iTunes. For the iPod it was a big thing, but now it's this pointless app thats a pain to use. Apps can be downloaded direct to your phone and so can music. The only time I ever sync is when I want to get music I bought on the phone onto my iPod or to get a software update, both of which I rather not have to connect to iTunes to do. The fact iPhone users don't upgrade would probably be just down to users never syncing...
The iPhone hasn't changed it's been tweeked. It still basically looks the same and has the same interface.iPods are a good example of change, and by apples own admittance people haven't liked all of them. The razr was also changed a lot but ultimately at some point another phone design comes along that everyone loves and buys, smart phones won't last forever. They will last a long time but at some point things will change.
Prices of hardware come down all the time and you have to take into account who is actually making the hardware. When apple sells an iPhone there hardware costs are another companies profits. Give those companies the bit there missing i.e. The os for free and they can sell a very cheap device.It may be that android is never as good as ios, but I don't think it needs to be. I have around 30 apps on my iPhone out of all of them I would say there are only 4 that couldn't be...
He hasn't, microsofts profit is over double what apple make. They have very similar revenues and it was apples revenue that was expected to pass Microsoft. But just looking at the revenue and profit figures apple would need to double what they sell just to equal Microsofts profit.
That's a bit of a bold claim. Personally I hate developing in flash but other people have created really amazing things with it. As the general user won't be able to tell if an app is made using flash or not, how will anyone ever be able to tell?
This is the phone market, nobody stays on top forever. Think motorola razr that dominated for years but people like change. Android has a great chance particularly when things get cheap. How will the iPhone and iPad compete with devices that only cost £50 - £100? We've seen with netbooks that people will go with cheap products and android is basically going to give the cheapest brands on the planet a good os for their hardware.
I disagree with basically everything said so far. My initial reaction has to be that for such a big company they seem to care a lot about there staff and try and think of ways to reward them. As it was basically all for the guys working on the phone, I've got toquestion what do the iPhone guys get as a reward?
Doesn't facebook have standard api's that anyone can sign up to? If so the only issue would have been if apple wanted some sort of special treatment.
Looks nice but.... 1. Streaming music to my AirPort Express is so unreliable I now just plug my iPod into speakers, if it only streams this seems like a big risk to take (for me anyway) 2. Streaming requires the computer to actually be on which mine never is, which makes it a bit of a hassle to watch something you have. Quicker to go to the DVD rack 3. Rentals of new releases at £3.49 for new releases is only 50p less than sky. I would have to rent 198 films to pay...
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