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Yay another article trying to push an alternative highly biased opinion on sales figures against other biased opinions. In a few more days we can have another article describing how none of the figures are accurate anyway.
Cars replaced horses so should horses still be included in car market share figures? DVD players replaced VCR's should they have been considered the same product? So what about smartphones? Phones have been replacing pc's for online shopping in a far bigger way than iPads have affected business or education. Most people building sites now talk about mobile first strategies. So smartphones should be included right? Under your logic about replacing the pc, a smartphone does,...
For the purpose of comparing market share of device like the articles about. Screen with separate keyboard and pointing device (mouse, trackpad etc). It's fair enough to say the tablet market is taking sales from the PC market. But putting tablets into the same market is just silly. If you did that why not put games consoles in too? Lots of PC's are sold for gaming, consoles have similar hardware, they have internet browsers, they have apps for tv, can play music etc. Xbox...
 that's because its not a pc, why report on it as if its a pc when its not. very simple reason. Err because there tablets that have been made and sold! Price is irrelevant, if it looks like a tablet, works like a tablet then why wouldn't you include it.
Market value is ultimately worthless to an investor, it's the change in value that's important. If they were worth 475B when you bought stock and there still worth that, you've made nothing. Outside the US the phones doing relatively well and despite Windows history of bloat they've actually managed to make the thing run the best on cheap hardware. Plus there's all the boring stuff like Azure, Dynamics, Link, SharePoint, Exchange, dev tools, Windows and Office still...
Only thing I really know about that guy is he sold Jaguar Land Rover from Ford who just broke the £1bn profit barrier and Aston Martin who are making around £1.7bn in profit. While Ford still make a loss in Europe and globally make around £5bn. Was it really that greater idea to sell them.
Its a semi interesting report but also fairly predictable. Apple and Samsung are the market leaders so they are maximising profits. Everyone else needs to grow so they are purposefully spending all there profits plus any extra they can afford to gain market share. What would be more interesting would be to see the share of revenue each company has and how that's changing.
Wow someone really likes writing articles about the surface to mention it in an article on a cook book. 10 - 15 devs over 9 months is a lot of resource! Just shy of £2 million. Must be an epic cook book.
That's basically what Xbox does so I wouldn't have thought Apple should have an issue doing. Surprising BBC aren't on apple TV yet though, there on everything else and usually get accused of having an apple bias, so I can only assume its apple stopping them.
Ok I understand the HBO figure now. I didn't think they existed outside the US as I'm in the UK and have never seen anything called HBO over here. They are here but there just regular channels on Sky TV which would give them around 25 million subscribers. But it is just a regular TV channel that's part of the most basic package you can get. The millions of rentals etc that iTunes currently does isn't on exclusive content and there not even market leading at doing this. So...
New Posts  All Forums: