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Wow someone really likes writing articles about the surface to mention it in an article on a cook book. 10 - 15 devs over 9 months is a lot of resource! Just shy of £2 million. Must be an epic cook book.
That's basically what Xbox does so I wouldn't have thought Apple should have an issue doing. Surprising BBC aren't on apple TV yet though, there on everything else and usually get accused of having an apple bias, so I can only assume its apple stopping them.
Ok I understand the HBO figure now. I didn't think they existed outside the US as I'm in the UK and have never seen anything called HBO over here. They are here but there just regular channels on Sky TV which would give them around 25 million subscribers. But it is just a regular TV channel that's part of the most basic package you can get. The millions of rentals etc that iTunes currently does isn't on exclusive content and there not even market leading at doing this. So...
I don't agree with geo-restrictions, but so what if its one year later at a different price. There's loads of stuff Id like but can't afford, doesn't give me the right to steel it though.  The real problem with piracy is nothing to do with price and availability, its this random concept people have that there entitled to stuff that isn't there's. If something's out of your price range you just don't have it. Oh and hi I'm Tim, you now know one person that buys TV shows.
Yeah I don't think the lack of a TV show being shown in a country gives anyone the right to steel it. Most programs come out on DVD which you could just import.
ITunes is still on the PC but it would be interesting to see what it's usage stats are these days. As MP3 players are dropping sales and people use there phones instead, there's not much use for iTunes any more. I still use it for my iPod shuffle, but that's about it. I dont really use it to actually play music on any more. The 575 million iTunes users is also worldwide whereas the HBO figure is just US isn't it? The other thing to consider would be if it was a...
I use it a lot to speak to my family. Mainly because you can't guarantee the others are actually going to ring on their iPads. I would say a significant percentage of the time the call quality is awful. Screen goes blank, or we can't hear each other so we then switch to Skype which has then so far been perfect. At work we just use Skype. When you get 25 people on a call though you do start to get a few lagging issues.
Nah it's an awesome tablet. I bought the Pro 2 thinking I probably wouldn't use it in tablet mode that much, but I haven't really used my iPad since. Simple reason is it's browser is faster. It is heavier but turns out that doesn't really matter that much. Also why do people go on about the 16:9 aspect ratio so much. Apart from the kindle app, every iPad app I have either doesn't work in portrait mode or does something stupid like completely hide article listings. I've yet...
If I was creating content then Apple would be the last people I would want to partner with to provide exclusive content. The problem would be that your stuff would only be on Apple devices. Partner with anyone else and your on multiple devices. It doesn't matter how good Apples devices are, the fact remains most people don't have them and even if 50% of people did have them you'd still be cutting your audience in half.
Sounds mostly like analysts have no idea what Apple is going to do, and at this point Apple also quite possibly aren't sure what they want to do. TVs are logical, but margins are low. Watch's are in the news but the market for that kind of watch will be small. Gaming is another option but again, the profits are low and competition high. Maybe they should follow Google and build self driving cars.
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