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Boots in a few seconds and gives some other speed improvements while its running to.
I agree with you that there is enough space. I actually bought a Surface Pro 2 and think its brilliant. I just think its a marketing mistake to advertise 32gigs of space when the free space is so much lower. The average person isn't going to want to delete the recovery partition and the minute you read 32gigs you want that kind of space, but it creates a negative when you don't get it. Advertise 18 and it would still be a plus but without any negative of less space.
It's a shame these thing's don't just advertise the free space. 32 gig compared to 16 sounds great until you realise how much space Windows takes in comparison then it doesn't seem that great. But if they just advertised 18 gig compared to 14 it still sounds quite good that you get  28% more space for less money.
 If they had a Surface Pro then the comparison to a MacBook Air would be good but they had a regular Surface so comparing to the iPad is the correct thing to do. Otherwise you've got to many differences with one device half the price of the other. The only thing that was really missing from the article was Skype / Facetime comparison. I constantly use Skype all day at work so it's a real productivity app that's worth including. Also if you watch the video of them...
 This bit I take issue with, Type Cover 2 is the most expensive of the keyboard attachments. You can still buy the original Touch Cover for $79.99 which is also a good keyboard and I don't have any issue typing on. Which brings the Surface total to $529 which is less than the $570 for an iPad with Keyboard.
How do you know how much they've spent? When it launched there were other devices that did the same thing, Apple even sold them on there website. Now there's even more devices that do similar things. Its a good argument that if you don't get much revenue from something you could call it a hobby. Maybe Google should start referring to Android as a hobby.Microsoft have tried calling Bing a research project, which to be fair it can and is a being used as a research project...
I've got a Surface Pro 2 and so far love it but I wouldn't recommend it for everyone but it's good there are these options for people.   My scenario is that I wanted something I can use on the sofa for web / email, light enough to take to work for meetings and games / bit of programming in my lunch breaks. I have an iPad 3 but that now never leaves the house it doesn't do everything I need and eventually I just felt like I was pointlessly carrying it around with me. I...
Leaving aside the device differences between iPad and Surface the guys got a point.   Apple announced iWorks free (although not for my 3rd gen iPad it seems), but so what? Google docs, MS Office Web Apps are both free to and their the equivalent of iWorks. Full office has a load of extra stuff that iWorks doesn't have and if you don't need that stuff then don't buy full office. Some people need spreadsheets to connect to there CRM's, other don't, so buy what you...
When I've used a type cove I thought it felt just like a laptop keyboard or a mac keyboard. They have a decent amount of travel which is quite impressive for something so thin. I've never had an issue with typing on screens though so I bought myself the touch cover version.
Not really the same though is it?Apples statements about making the hardware if software are just as true when you extend it to making all the hardware. Sure a bluetooth keyboard works with an ipad but you have to pair the thing, its not as thin, it cant flip round the back like a smart cover and instantly disable itself.Its the different between something that works and something thats been perfected.
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