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Doesn't matter how many hundreds of millions there are when the person you want to message doesn't have an Apple device.
http://www.telecoms.com/212062/global-sms-revenue-declines-for-first-time/ 4th paragraph "In 2014, Deloitte expects operators to generate more than £60bn from SMS services in 2014" and it's an article on revenue declining.
Errr yeah, fairly massive one. SMS messages alone generate around 60 billion in revenue every year. Even Microsoft's Lync has now achieved a $1billion per year revenue now. If your a business, iMessage and Facetime is a non-starter as a messaging / video chat solution as it's not going to work for all your users. Could you seriously imagine asking a client to do a meeting on Facetime? In your personal life it's fine so long as you never want to communicate with someone who...
Except for Skype, Facebooks current messenger, Viber, WeChat, Nimbuzz, plus don't Google and Yahoo also have cross platform alternatives. Twitter isn't far off being comparable either.
It's the difference between being a serious player in a market and having a novelty gimmick that only users of your device can use.
I like iMessage and use it a lot to message my family, but I can't imagine that many Android users would install it. If Apple are really serious about pushing it, then they need to make all the apps, but I think their opportunity has probably passed now. It makes Microsoft's purchase of Skype look really cheap in comparison and everyone thought that was expensive! It's not about the functionality though, its about the users and them actually using the service. To question...
WP running Android apps is a bad idea because devs would stop developing WP apps. But making it possible to compile an Android app into a WP app package for the WP store could be a great idea. That way as far as the public is concerned its a WP app. The app store grows as apps would be so quick to port that there would be no reason not to. The net benefit in the could then lead to more apps being built natively for WP if the customer base grows.
 As opposed to squares?  How do you hide them? Why would I complain about apps in a store, there in a store. Apps on the Apple TV are on it's main screen. The Sky box UI isn't pretty but it's got a decent search that search's all the content from all sources in one format. Don't know what you mean about lag, seems fairly instant.  1. Why would I care if they store the design? I'm a consumer not the person they copied it from.2. Didn't realise the subscription to active....
I hope Apple at least do something, anything. The first Apple TV was amazing, but now its becoming a bit of a joke. They've made it look like its got apps but you cant add to them, even worse your stuck with ones like WSJ which aren't even relevant to tot country your in! For things like streaming films or tv its now not the best and also the most expensive option. E.g. Some tvs have it built in, cable boxs have it built in, games consoles have it built and they have...
Im in the buy it camp, but if i just want to listen to an album at work I'm generally streaming it now. Its hard to justify paying £8 for an album when you can listen to it for free. I still happily buy music to put on my phone for the car. But at home and work it doesn't make sense when its the exact same experience and I don't hit the 10 hour limit where you start paying.
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