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Huh, first time ive noticed a game come out on ios and windows phone at the same time. Not something you generally expect to see.
More than anything I think this shows a general market trend. Maintaining sales of £500-£600 phones is going to be hard. Particularly if you consider the iPhone 3G only cost £350 and since then £100 phones have improved to the point where they do the same stuff as a £600 phone but are just made of plastic and have lower quality screens.
I sold my iPhone 3G a few months ago for £75 (less ebay fees). Great for me but the people buying these things for this amount must be insane. They quite clearly just want an Apple device over anything else. But that phone was seriously slow an annoying by the time I sold it. Couldn't even keep up with typing.
Its been a few years since Ive used the remote app. Did the iPad version look like itunes before? Im surprised how similar they both are, given that ones for touch and the others a mouse. Apples said a lot about UIs needing to be different, so it seems odd that the iPad screen shot looks almost identical to itunes on osx.
Fair enough to disagree bit what do you think defines iOS 7's UI that makes it different and I mean new things in iOS7. For instance... The original iPhone UI had its icon grid with rounded corners with an effect applied to them. The top bar of apps with its back buttons, and the different list styles against a distinctive background all made it a UI that didn't look like anything else. OSX originally had its brushed metal effect to windows and now has a more aluminium...
Apart from the icons that are truly some of the worst icons I've ever seen I don't mind the changes. The icons do confuse me though, it's like everyone at Apple was to scared to point out how bad they are. The other issue I think it has is there's no real wow factor to any of it. When the iPad originally came out and you saw the calendar, reminders etc and they all had individual designs and all looked good, it felt like a fun device which then appealed to a lot of people....
Your seriously saying that what's listed on Apples what's new page for Mavericks is a "substantial" update. iBooks, Maps and Safari aren't even an OS update, there a bunch of apps. Including Safari in the list is also a bit dodge, are they saying unless you update your OS your not going to get a browser update? I'm not a big Google fan but they push Chrome updates out every 2 - 4 weeks irrespective of OS. iCal in Apples words has "a fresh new look" plus weather...
Hahahaha you call the difference between Windows 7 and 8 a minor update. Literally a whole new style of apps, a store, xbox music, better multi monitor support with the taskbar, boot times going from a minute to 6 seconds, amongst a load of other thing like apps. But you think the update OSX is getting a substantial. A port of iBooks, a port of Maps, reverting the UI changes to iCal from the last update, multiple displays, safari updates and tabs in Finder. Who in there...
Boots in a few seconds and gives some other speed improvements while its running to.
I agree with you that there is enough space. I actually bought a Surface Pro 2 and think its brilliant. I just think its a marketing mistake to advertise 32gigs of space when the free space is so much lower. The average person isn't going to want to delete the recovery partition and the minute you read 32gigs you want that kind of space, but it creates a negative when you don't get it. Advertise 18 and it would still be a plus but without any negative of less space.
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