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Taking into account that Samsung doesn't have any plan to release a Tizen smartphone almost until 2015, they are hiding very well its intentions about "ditching Android", almost as well as Google's "Android ditching".
 Any source for that?
Lat trial outcome didn't had so much effect in ol'USA, why do you think this new trial will change that?
What screen size is that? 3.5", 4", 4.5", 5", 5.5", 6"?
 What screen size is tablet size?
 Exactly this, when you set up a Google account it gives you the option to collect location data. And Google Play store give you the option to use the data to send you recomendations. No, Android in itself don't collect data I was answering the claim that if you don't use a Google account the smartphone is a dumb one but this is not true, you can install other stores and user other cloud services.
 What jailbreaker notifications came before the ones on Android? And no, Apple didn't copy Android notifications
 Yes, Amazon Appstore, a great source of malware 
 Apart that if you don't use Google services you can use other Stores and cloud services if you set up a Google account, ad and location services are opt in.
 None, Android tracking and advertising features are all opt in, not opt out.
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