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Thanks for the source
 Royalty based on the whole wholesale price has been usual since decades ago
Do you have any source for the IEEE not agreeing or courts trending to that?
Did Ericsson asked the arbitration in the Eastern District of Texas?
Cases involving Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung, Motorola had suits in USA, UK, Japan, France, Germany, Netherland, Australia, Korea. Were they "international incidents" or were the usual thing?
Is not code for Google Maps, it is Mapmaker, like Open Street Map data
 What they can't decrypt? All the cloud content can be decrypted by Apple, and the email is not encrypted.If you talk about the phones, none of the companies can decrypt if full encrypted
Like every other American company has to do?
 Another one: People that want an smartphone that cover its needs and all three major systems are good enough right now .
 I did not said app certification, I said smartphone certification
New Posts  All Forums: