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 Not sure if serious
 I don't know of anyone using checks here
 it is not a problem of seeing the technology, it is more related to already having contactless alternatives like tap and pay cards
What? Software us already protected by copyright.
The problem i that the full claim is false
 Apart of Al Qaeda using encryption apps (the thing other site are reporting), what can DED back from this article?
   So, yes, when you're proven wrong you try to censor others. By the way, I politely suggest that you can stop reading me, but I'm not an Android fan and I won't leave this site. If you don't agree, you can argument it.
 Yap, I have read them, and that report has nothing to do with Android being or not a poorly done OS, it just say that Al Qaeda uses some encryption application, nothing more.
This is the problem with DED articles, he starts with such blatantly false assumptions an he then wwritetwo thousand words trying to spin reality to his world
One thing is being an Apple fan site and other totally different is being a hatred site totally out of reality
New Posts  All Forums: