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I think this has to co-incide with Mountain Lion. Now you can just airplay the web version of Hulu directly to your TV so Hulu knows the only way to combat people just doing that is to offer it up directly on Apple TV.  I'll still probably go the freebie web version unless it doesn't convert very well but Hulu really only had one choice with the advent of Airplay from the Mac.
Seriously?  People are b!tching about $8 a month when they have fewer commercials than they have OTA.  Instead of having 4 or 5 commercials per break you get 1 or two and, OMG, it's $8 a month!?!? I mean, who in the world would pay for that?!?!?!  Umm... How much do you pay for your cable?  30 - 40 if not more. So you get a DVR? Well, that's nice, you're basically paying an additional $10 a month to be able to skip most of the commercials you are paying for with your...
What is this guy talking about???  I'm 2 races away from beating the entire CSR game and I haven't spent a dime...  This game isn't different than Dragonvale - you have to put time in it if you want to level up and such.  The biggest thing about CSR?  You have to wait until the agent shows up to sell you car for half price (which she does rather often).  If you do that it really shouldn't be a problem...
I guess I'm just old school and "2nd house on the right" works for me as opposed to telling people "Hey, bring up google maps" {pause} "Ok, now go to street view" {pause} "Ok, now see that red house on the right that's got that weird flamingo in the front yard?  Yeah, we're the next house after that."    Yes, I added comedic elements there but honestly with GPS being absurdly accurate I really have no need for street view when the GPS can tell me where I am to a few...
Street View really doesn't do anything for me other than let me look at the front of my house just to see when they took it last.  I don't think I've used used it as anything other than a novelty since the straight down satellite view is more than enough to determine just about anything.   Also, does anyone know if they are going to put the turn-by-turn onto the 3Gs and the 4 or is that going to be a 4s kind of thing since it involves Siri?
I'm sorry but I just can't take anything Al Franken says seriously. He really should have just stuck with comedy.
I think you're missing something - this is the server for iTunes. They only need 1 copy of each file so really the question is how many hours of 1080p video can be squeezed in 12 PB's?EDIT: If 1 hour is 4GB we're looking at over 3 million hours of video12PB*(1028TB/PB)*(1028GB/TB)/(4GB/Hr) = 3,170,352 hours
Wait, what? All 4 are democrats and Schumer is strangely trying to appease the republicans main constituents? Uh, yeah, ok.
You can also kill someone by driving at all... So your answer to catching someone doing something that's poor driving skills that endangers others is to ban them from driving for life. Ok, well, texters - done, forever. You want to do your makeup? Done, forever. You want to turn your head to check on your 8 month old that's in the back seat crying? Done, forever. Where do we stop? Ever caught going above the speed limit? Done, forever. Listening to the radio...
That bit about getting arrested because you were sleeping in your car with the keys is the most egregious abuse of police power that exists. You're being a responsible citizen and not driving and you get arrested anyway. It's absolutely embarrassing that that law exists in so many states but anyone that fights it is going to have to deal with MADD protesters even though they are doing what they should be doing and NOT DRIVING.
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