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What about a spring loaded shield for the dock connectors so it gives that nice flush look when it's not docked? It'd also help to keep out lint and all the other random crap that seems to get in that port. I know it's probably not necessary but I think I'd like the look better as it would make remove the look of the hole and with a dual docking configuration I don't think you'd want both of them sitting out there like that - it'd just look very un-Apple like IMO.
I can see them pushing out the $99 option and then convincing people to either 1) buy a time capsule or 2) push the HDs from the Apple store which I'm sure have a pretty decent profit margin if you want the HD space. Really the only issue I have with all of this is that nearly every single game isn't going to work for anything on this. The point of most games is to have the user looking at the screen and pressing the virtual buttons. Now some games like racing and, if...
I've got a 3GS w/ 4.01 and I got boot neuter and ultrasn0w but bootneuter bombs out and I can't seem to find the run option for ultrasn0w to unlock my phone - little help please? Thanks!
They really should just make the bottom portion dead and call it a day - that would fix all of this no matter how you hold it and no matter what batch of product you got.
Well, first let me say this is in fact a design flaw. I think what they should so is make the bottom portion mirror the top portion and then you'd have connection between the two at the bottom instead of the sides where people are likely to bridge the gap. With all that said tho I've tried holding my phone to make a call and it just feels really unnatural. Since iPhone launch day one I've gripped it with my fingers when holding it to my ear, occasionally the bottom...
So, just so we're clear - my 32GB 3Gs that I bought on launch day and have never JB'd can or cannot be JB'd with this? I only care because I'm thinking about selling it on eBay to finance a new iPhone 4 and non- JB'd iPhones aren't worth crap (relatively speaking).
What are they classifying the iPad as? I mean, are we going to see a massive jump in Apple market share because they are counting the iPad as a computer or will it just have 100% of the sub-netbook market? Personally I'd like to see them count as computers so all those companies who have made huge market share gains simply by selling $300 netbooks will know they aren't the only ones who can play that game
I downloaded the file and tried to update only to find out that the same port that is used to get to the iTunes store is the same one that's needed to verify the install - i.e. I now have a bricked phone and I'm just going to have to wait until I get home. Crap... Anyone have any ideas? I've the plug into iTunes screen - I've hard rebooted, soft rebooted, unplugged, plugged in, pretty much everything I can think of and every time it starts up it goes right back to...
Sad - I guess after referring to the new OS as "iPhone 4" for so long it got me confused. Thanks for the clarification.
For the "face time" do they mean OS4 to OS4 or iPhone 4 to iPhone4? I had thought they meant OS4 to OS4 but I guess it might be iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 - can anyone confirm/deny? Thanks!
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