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Man, how is it that the UK has such better prices than basically EVERYWHERE? I mean, I don't mind the mins for the price in the Portugal plans (compared to AT&T) but 250MB??? WTH??? That's highway robbery!
Nope - he's saying they are, compared to virtually every other country, cheap. Very cheap... Granted the 30 plan is crap but the rest are pretty good rates - even with the exchange rate of USD to GBP being 2:1. The 600 min, 500 text plan is (including exchange rate) cheaper than AT&T's 450 mins, 200 text plan. 35(x2)GBP vs 75USD and you get 33% more mins and 150% more text's...
Easy there... He's just saying that 1) he won't have to deal with any of the potential problems since, as you pointed out, there are software updates and 2) he's not saying the phone is going to sell for $80 less, he's saying it's going to cost him $80 less because right now he's not paying a dime for a cell phone so - that's $80 that he would have spent
I believe I saw another poster (maybe on MR?) said in the fine print there is a 'soft-limit' of 5GB/month. That'd be quite a challenge I think... Unless of course you plan to tether all month long
So they were just unsure? No official verbiage? Well that stinks. That's the same situation they had with iPhone V1. They were unsure for a long time and then just before launch they said, umm, no. Even tho just 1 week prior someone at AT&T told me it would apply. Why can't they just let it out! There are HUGE numbers of people who have corporate discounts!Also - I'd check to see what % you get with AT&T and if it applies to just voice or voice + data. I know the...
Any ideas about the FAN discount? They canned it on the 1st Gen iPhone and wouldn't let me have it (only applied to non-Apple hardware). Also, the discounts only applied to the voice and not the date or text messaging so it only saved me about $10 a month (25% of my $40 voice plan). There's a number of back and forths on MR but nobody actually cites anything official from AT&T...
Ah - good point - hadn't really thought about that. So what do people do instead? Is the culture just to call them or are they far more engrained into sending e-mail than we are?
I wonder what's up with the lack of text messages. I mean even on the unlimited plan they are virtually non-existant. I think I've sent/received 50 text messages this morning alone! Do people just not text message unless you're on the same network (I'm assuming that's what Intra SMS means)?
I actually have an AT&T land line for 2 purposes - 1) so I can get DSL (I've got satellite TV and I refuse to pay cables insane rates) and 2) so when I have to give my number to people I don't actually want calling me I can give them my land line. I, however, know a number of people who have completely abandoned their land lines altogether. I just wonder the percentage of people in, say, the UK have both or just a land line.
I wonder - what is the status of land-lines across the pond? I mean, I think the US companies throw around mins like crazy because they are still trying to convince people that it's cheaper to get a cell phone than keep their land line. I'm afraid that if the land line disappears they are just going to increase their prices because they no longer have a competitor.
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