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I downloaded the file and tried to update only to find out that the same port that is used to get to the iTunes store is the same one that's needed to verify the install - i.e. I now have a bricked phone and I'm just going to have to wait until I get home. Crap... Anyone have any ideas? I've the plug into iTunes screen - I've hard rebooted, soft rebooted, unplugged, plugged in, pretty much everything I can think of and every time it starts up it goes right back to...
Sad - I guess after referring to the new OS as "iPhone 4" for so long it got me confused. Thanks for the clarification.
For the "face time" do they mean OS4 to OS4 or iPhone 4 to iPhone4? I had thought they meant OS4 to OS4 but I guess it might be iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 - can anyone confirm/deny? Thanks!
I'm taking back what I said about Apple TV and... am going to say it'll work for the Mini! How cool would it be to be able to go into "iPad/iPhone" mode with the included iPod touch-esque touch controller and play games or do whatever else you want. It'd be an interesting way to 1) broaden the reach of the App Store and 2) serve as a demo to what might be a Mac App Store. I know some don't want that but I, for one, know there are apps out there I would like but don't...
Yet another idea... Apple TV comes with a wireless webcam (a la iSight) that's beefed up and allows the videoconferencing that's coming w/ the iPhone HD. That'd be kinda cool - video conferencing on your TV w/ someone that's on their iPhone or computer or whatever. It'd really start to get to the point where it could replace having either a computer or a second computer. Chatting with your loved one half the world away on your TV all with the new $299, 250GB, iPhone...
I'm going to throw out random claims of impending awesomeness. The new AppleTV comes with an iPod touch like remote that allows you to play all your stuff from the App Store including everything for the iPad (why hello ABC, nice to meet you). Standard HD capacity to go to 250GB and 320GB and, umm, I'll refrain from saying it'll have a coax input because I'm not *THAT* crazy
Why? Because of this...http://www.tipb.com/images/stories/2...bying-2009.gifhttp://finance.yahoo.com/news/RIAA-s....html?x=0&.v=1 Apple only ponied up 1.5M in lobbying efforts - the RIAA pays about that much (if not more) each quarter.
Actually the Democrats were in control of Congress since, what, 2004 or was it 2006?But, honestly, it's not like either party is void of responsibility or void of stupid people...EDIT: Checked, it was 2006.
How exactly can Apple abandon Flash when it was NEVER on the iPhone in the first place? It's still on virtually all Macs but it's never been on the iPhone and most likely never will be. By Adobe's own admittance they don't have a Flash plugin that's worth a crap for a mobile device so what would Apple even put on the iPhone? Flash lite? Yeah, no. Adobe, Apple isn't abandoning you, they are trying to make the best user experience for their customers, if you should...
Eh, at least it's just 1 guy and you can ignore his comments and then the thread becomes clean. On MR it's just a straight cluster IMO, it's full of 1 liners and will take you 15 pages to find someone who cares enough to write a full analysis and are actually intelligent. I put up with the occasional troll on AI because the ratio of intelligent posts to worthless is probably 10 times higher than MR.
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