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What state doesn't have sales tax? Unless you're talking about how groceries and other consumable items are tax free (in some states to-go orders are tax free while in others they aren't. As far as I'm aware though every state charges sales tax on soda but not water).EDIT: Never mind, answered my own question - Alaska has no sales tax. Apparently just living there is taxing enough! hahaEDIT2: And Delaware, New Hampshire, Montana, Oregon - didn't realize there were so...
Chances are it was just uniformly grossed-up to the average middle class %. But yes, the main point is that you should NEVER take the car/vehicle/prize when you can get the cash.
Ok, I just LOL'd that you put Oprah in the same category as Limbaugh and Beck. I'd say that's a horrible insult to everyone involved!
That answers that question... The iPad is most definitely a girl...
The jokes are already pretty bad with a name like iPad but at least Apple's CEO isn't a woman right now "Inside Ashley's Pad"
I mean, its this really a true 1st gen product? The only thing new in this thing is the processor and considering how often the processors change and nothing is updated w/ the software I'd have to imagine it's not that big of a deal. I'd liken this more to the 3G or the 3Gs than the 2G iPhone. They've already got the hardware, they're on V 3.2 of the software and everything else is just bigger. There might be some bugs w/ Mail and other iPad specific apps but I really...
Speaking of NetShare - and semi OT here - does yours still work? I've tried it a few times since I've picked up my 3Gs and I don't get a thing
Not having Flash is a total non-issue when it comes to internet smut. The iPhone is so popular there are dozens of free sites that are H.264 compliant. And, ya know, for images just do a google search.
Too funny.... Personally I don't really care about any of the apps that got banned or any of the ones that were allowed to stay but I find it hilariously funny that people actually think it's a PR nightmare! hahahaha. Guys, seriously, how in the world is this going to be a PR nightmare when the general public reads "Apple removes 5k overtly sexual apps."? Seriously! Even if the title reads but still allows the 99 cent playboy app it isn't going to matter. Who, going...
You said monopoly... In the US a monopoly is illegal - that's not at all a jump of logic. I mean, we're apple fans here and we know that MSFT has been fighting against monopoly law suits for years - you'd think we'd all know that monopoly = bad.
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