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Add me to the 1% after 35+ years of only Apple/NeXT. 1% here, 1% there eventually adds up. Have always had Apple TV's but it really is quite uninspired at this point. Moreover the GUI has become weird. They just keep adding apps, tied to cable. Quite disappointing actually. The best part of the ATV is AirPlay and the ability to learn remotes.
They serve to dull the mind so that one doesn't go mad watching much of the remaining broadcasted content.Philip
That does seem to be part of the problem. There just is a well developed premium streaming world outside of the US so the urgency to expand the ATV isn't there. Of course that could change rapidly should Google ever get it's act together and produce a box with apps that tie into the broader Android world.The licensing issues are enormous with video and there are legal ones as well. In a way iPlayer is available to the ATV via AirPlay. Perhaps an App Store would...
Love the iPod Touch although am not crazy about the whole widescreen aspect ratio for it and the iPhone. Nevertheless, Apple doesn't seem to care much about the Touch which is a shame. It, more than the iPhone, would really benefit from a 5 or 6 inch screen.At some point WiFi will be everywhere and the current cell phone monopolistic situation will collapse. Anyone who feels that the communications' situation that the cell phone companies have given us has a very...
What's so hard to understand about a device that is largely WiFi based but can make use of those expensive cell towers if needs be.? You seem to think cell and wifi technology are new. It is very old science.I use both the iPad Mini and the Fire HDX every day. I prefer the feel of the HDX. Do you have a problem with someone having a preference?I am not attacking Apple. I am simply saying I find them less interesting than I have at any point going back to the 70's.philip
It seems to me that Amazon is building a very nice line with the 7"HDX tablet, Fire TV and now phone which comes with a year of Amazon Prime which is a very nice incentive. As a longtime, almost exclusively, Apple user I tried and bought a Fire TV. Liked it so much that I purchased a 7" HDX which is excellent. That Fire tablet is almost as nice as my iPad Mini Retina. It is actually easier to read, nice size and holding it is easier because of the material. I know that...
We really like our two ATV 3 devices but I must tell you that the Fire TV we've had for around a week is very neat. Apple has been hibernating with the Apple TV for so long that we just got tired of waiting. Have been in the Apple TV world since it first came out. It is very nice but it has become a bit staid. I don't know what it needs, but integration with cable companies is not the path I would have wanted ( if in fact that is happening). Maybe an App Store would...
Where I work the computer store is not owned or run by the university. It is a totally independent business. Same for books actually. So IT support is not at all related to having computer stores on campus. It is usually built into the general operating budget and is completely independent of the campus stores.Philip
But will there be educational pricing available at the online store? If yes then the campus store issue matters little. Many were actually not run by the educational institution but were totally independent businesses.That being said it would be very shortsighted for Apple to not have educational pricing at its retail and online stores.Philip
Who cares? Phones come and go. I hope that Apple doesn't become just another Phone peddler. All we hear about is market share changes, phone margins, etc ... Where's the neat stuff? Does the Mac still even exist! Apple might as well change its name to iPhone Inc. . Philip
New Posts  All Forums: