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What a refreshing opinion. Now if only more people understood the erosion of privacy that is happening. Unfortunately, people are selling off chunks of privacy for free commodities. It's very disturbing.
Going back to mac.com Apple has never gotten the cloud right. I don't know why but it just doesn't seem to be their forte. They are great at so many things but just terrible when it comes to internet based products. They need a whole new team looking into this, maybe people not at Apple.
This article is just great. Been using Apple products for longer than I care to remember but iCloud is a total mystery. The whole photo issue is a mess and since photos are an important aspect of our iDevices I wish they would get the storage issue simplified. We have backups stored all over the place. Photos taken from an iDevices should have an option to automatically be stored on iCloud and yes it should be free. It's so frustrating that it's tempting just to stop using...
What is the debt? As far as wars go they traditionally were ways of stimulating economies. Not saying you should be having them but the accounting aspects are quite political.
That has never stopped them before. The U.S. For example has extended US laws to foreign companies with ties to Cuba.I am unclear as to whether profits earned by sales in other countries would be subject to U.S. taxes. That would be similar to the way U.S. citizens must report all earnings even if they currently reside in another country. I should imagine that would involve tax treaties. I don't know if there are tax treaties for corporations operating in different...
Such a device would be very neat if it were essentially a blank sheet of paper and had proper writing capabilities ( I.e. built in support for a real writing device). Somehow I doubt this will happen as people seem to want something to consume content or some way of typing. Philip
Yes, that is a conundrum. Ads have made North American TV watching unbearable. Everywhere you go there's another billboard or whatever polluting the air and what is really worrisome is that the marketing industry has a whole toolbox of psychological tools to fine tune the presentation of a product. Much of it borders on brainwashing. On the other hand, as you note, advertising has an information component to it which is surely useful. I don't know how you get around the...
It's hard to imagine a case against net neutrality and the comments by President Obama are quite reasonable. Your statement regarding speeds and pricing is interesting. I find it hard to believe if you mean there are far better internet systems in place in countries of a comparable size. It's not quite fair, for example, to look at Sweden in comparison to the country when it comes to communications. Geography and the distribution of the population matter with respect to...
Not much better than a finger. The stylus situation with iPads is really bad.
Unless it's changed recently the ATV is not a very good presentation tool. It requires joining a common network which is often not available. I used to get around that by setting up an ad hoc network from an iPhone. A real pain actually. You should be able to plug it in a communicate directly from an iPad.
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