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Microsoft is at least coming out with products that fit the windows 10 aim of providing a unified experience across devices. The Surface Pro 4 is extremely nice although it is really meant to be used in landscape mode. The aspect ratio makes portrait mode not quite as comfortable. On the positive site the hardware is well made, the stylus is included and integrated into the operating system and it does make for a really interesting dual purpose device. People who have been...
True. It just never seemed like something Amazon would do. Will they continue to sell "Android TV" and win8.1 media players from China?
Interesting. When I first got mine it all worked well. Then at some point almost everything started transcoding. Over at the Plex forums there seems to be quite a few people with similar experiences. I then moved to PlexConnect on the ATV3 which, for me, works much better. This is one reason I have been looking forward to the ATV4. Plex on my iPad and iPhone works really well.In any case, not having the ATV sold on Amazon would have not been a reason, one way or another,...
What a strange thing for Amazon to do. Surely this has to be a mixup. They have nothing to gain by doing this.
So did I. Unfortunately the Plex app on the Fire TV is not great.
It does have ac wifi support which is good. Very odd that there was no mention of Android TV. Perhaps Google has decided that the Chromecast what people are willing to pay over and above a Smart TV. It will be interesting to see how well the $150 Apple TV does.
It is not our fault that the ad industry has turned the web into a cesspool of brainwashing. The behaviours of this particular app is despicable.
I agree that major streamers will all eventually have some kind of live TV streaming. I'm not sure in what form as live TV does not have a whole lot to offer. Apart from sports, special events and news is there any reason why scheduled delivery of shows is required? Any reason to have 30% of the time interrupted by commercials! There are really fine TV shows at this time. If the cable providers just vanished people might really enjoy TV.Who knows, maybe Apple will come up...
Excellent points. While everyone seems focused on the lack of 4K/UHD/... they appear to be missing the most important new aspect of the Apple TV, which is the App Store.Long term I would be very concerned were I Roku. Amazon, Apple and Google all have App Stores which is a big advantage. The offerings from Roku make it difficult to classify as an App Store. Google has never been able to commit to a product long term and Google TV/Android TV has never caught on. ChromeCast...
None of the AirPlay receivers for Android work properly.
New Posts  All Forums: