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How would you handle documents with lots of symbols, such as math or chemical symbols or small drawings, with a keyboard? The hand has much more flexibility. For pure text a typist will certainly go faster but it seems a shame that learning to type is now considered more important than learning how to hand write. In fact many schools no longer teach cursive writing so printing or typing is really their preferred approach. It's unfortunate but I suspect that handwriting is...
 Why should I do that? Saying something does not make it true. You keep avoiding the Newton's Laws example.
I am quite serious. The scientific method involves replication. In many fields that is impossible. Theories are put forth, tested and await better theories. It does involve the quest for truth but evolution is no more truth than Newton's Laws are.Even amongst scientists there is quite a bit of controversy over how to interpret data, especially when replication is impossible. Your statement "scientific theory is as close to fact"is very odd indeed.
You have gone too far this time. First, let me remind you that a majority of Apple's sales comes from outside the US.The era where the US was the only significant country is over, unfortunately. While America has indeed provided wonderful contributions to culture, and many other areas, it hardly has a monopoly on many of these areas anymore. You might want to have a look at who the PhD candidates are in the better American universities, who the main scientists were in the...
Evolution is a theory, a model which has widespread support amongst the scientific and pseudo scientific community. It is not a fact any more than Newton's Laws are. Moreover, evolution has problems with verification via replication, a problem many disciplines dealing with time have.
A discussion about technology and terrorism is very appropriate. The constant wrangling between Democratic and Republican supporters is not really something the rest of the world cares about enough to warrant coop ting a thread for it. There are enough forums for political dialogue so I don't think the Apple world needs yet another, except as it relates to technology. Are we going be discussing the internal politics of every significant country on earth?
It seems to have turned into a US election debate as opposed to a discussion about privacy challenges faced by societies in view of the current worldwide terrorist situation.
Is this still AppleInsider?
@trumptman I am a big fan of Amazon's Fire TV. But, my new Apple TV has relegated my main Fire TV to Prime use. There is not one app that reliably enables AirPlay on the Fire TV though some work under certain conditions. Even using an Amazon tablet to cast to a Fire TV is a pain. These are minor issues though. The ATV app store is on a path to put the Amazon one to shame and it will only accelerate. Th AFTV does have Kodi via an unofficial install but Plex on the ATV is...
Tablets are relatively new. Mac sales are up as desktop users moved to laptops. The iPad Pro is a new kind of device. It's not really a mobile one such as an iPhone but more like a desk iPad, whatever that is. It's too big for one handed use so I think you will see people using it will two hands and especially with the Pencil. I don't quite see the keyboard being all that interesting. Adds bulk and the stand is not really as good as the Surface products. Nevertheless, I...
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