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The improvement in picture quality is marginal at best. Moreover most people can't see the difference. What matters more in my opinion is doing something about the ad situation.
It's not about money. Costs will still be similar within a couple of hundred per year. The hope is that the experience via iptv might be better, especially as relates to ads. If it's just cable stations moved over to the ATV ads and all then what's the point? The cable people would just jack up network costs, you'd end up paying the same or more and a chance to really change TV would have been lost. People have been leaving cable recently for a variety of reasons. One of...
Almost certainly, though it might depend on the outcome of the upcoming Canadian federal elections.
MS is hardly a dinosaur. They have their networking act together something that Apple has never been good at. They have a server and cloud business. Windows 10 appears to be interesting and they have a gaming platform which they can use to push other things. Apple has the iPhone which if it ever lost fashion would be a severe blow to the company. Moreover, the company has a good, not great, CEO who is not powerful enough to enable the company to take chances on projects...
The antenna is hardly the way to move forward. I can't see Apple having anything to do with that. These rumours are pointing to a very disappointing approach. All that seems to be happening is a switch from cable supplying shows over their wires to shows coming over cable wires to the Apple TV to the viewer advertising and all.
Makes a lot of sense. Or, once Apple gets its way with content they could sell the complete package with no cable boxes, etc ... The TV would just include programming. If they can't escape the comcasts of the world then they might as well stick with yet another box with wires. I don't really see why a TV couldn't be viewed in the same way as a computer. Computers stay useful through many iterations of the OS. The problem with current media players is that they are really...
Would Force Touch handle palm rejection? After using almost every BT stylus out there I hope there's a better way.
I agree with you regarding the current crop of expensive BT styli. Hopefully an Apple pen would have deeper links into the OS and hardware and do things like palm rejection properly. I don't quite understand the opposition from some to a pen unless they view handwriting and drawing as activities best abandoned.The n-trig stylus used with the Surface line works fine now. No lag as far as I can tell.Once last thing, handwriting does not necessarily imply character...
Why do you think?PS: Not that it matters but where did you come up with the 100 number?
Well it would have more uses than that but in any case editing/annotating a scientific journal article would be great with a stylus. You have to get away from ascii.
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