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We really like our two ATV 3 devices but I must tell you that the Fire TV we've had for around a week is very neat. Apple has been hibernating with the Apple TV for so long that we just got tired of waiting. Have been in the Apple TV world since it first came out. It is very nice but it has become a bit staid. I don't know what it needs, but integration with cable companies is not the path I would have wanted ( if in fact that is happening). Maybe an App Store would...
Where I work the computer store is not owned or run by the university. It is a totally independent business. Same for books actually. So IT support is not at all related to having computer stores on campus. It is usually built into the general operating budget and is completely independent of the campus stores.Philip
But will there be educational pricing available at the online store? If yes then the campus store issue matters little. Many were actually not run by the educational institution but were totally independent businesses.That being said it would be very shortsighted for Apple to not have educational pricing at its retail and online stores.Philip
Who cares? Phones come and go. I hope that Apple doesn't become just another Phone peddler. All we hear about is market share changes, phone margins, etc ... Where's the neat stuff? Does the Mac still even exist! Apple might as well change its name to iPhone Inc. . Philip
It seems to me that it is the Pro that should be axed, even though it is the one selling ok. Desktop apps simply don't work properly on a tablet. Microsoft should forget about backwards compatibility and go with a Windows RT strategy, but use a pen capable screen. In other words have one Surface, but with two sizes, running RT on a tablet which supports a stylus and is 16:10 instead of 16:9. 4:3 would be even better.Those demanding the ability to run their old sw...
Apple did what they had to with the 5C and 5S. Aiming for the lowest cheap product is not the way to go. There is already too much junk around. On the other hand, Apple's iPhone is defining the company and if you are not in to cell phones then there really isn't a whole lot to be excited about these days. I am a bit iOS'd out. It would be nice to see something new on the Mac side, the ATV and even some solution to the palm rejection issue with the iPad. Apple can't stay...
It is way to early to count Microsoft out. Android is a bit of a mess and seems chaotic. Windows 8 is actually pretty nice and they just have to deal with Intel being late to the power saving club. Put in a low cost Intel system with long battery life, lower the price of a Surface, bring out 4:3 or if not then 16:10 tablets with writing capabilities at iPad or lower prices and you will see a very different landscape.Most computers continue to run Windows, MS Word and Excel...
I totally agree. This whole wide screen fad has been terrible for slate users. Makes using them in portrait mode silly. 16:10 is a bit better but still not ideal. It was a shame when Apple went widescreen with the iPad and iPhone. Hopefully they don't do that with the iPad.Philip
Going is not now. Who knows where Samsung is going? As far as I can tell they still use Android for their newest products.philip
NeXT's original strategy was more like Apple's. it was only with OpenStep that they tried the MS approach. Interesting article. It isn't clear to me that the integrated approach is back in the driver's seat. Apple relies on the iPhone for the most part. Phone fashions change and a shift away from the iPhone would really damage the company. Philip
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