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I was talking about the approach, not the content.
True but so does every other media player. In addition Amazon has the advantage of creating/distributing, or whatever you want to call it, very good original content.Just getting cable TV stations to be distributed via the Apple TV is not going to do much unless somehow the experience changed drastically ( like getting rid of ads which is unlikely). The cable companies will just make up for lost revenue by increasing the cost of Internet. So, this is not really about...
I do think getting in to automobiles at this point should be the ultimate secret hobby. Getting the software and hardware, where appropriate, into cars is a good idea. The car thing is even more extreme than getting into the manufacturing of TV's, which I also think would be a mistake at this time.I am not opposed to gaming. I think it can be done in a natural way by making the ATV open enough. As you and others have pointed out, iDevices have become a major force in...
That would be unfortunate though you are probably right. The bottom line for me is no ads during a show. Even that would be unrealistic for sports as the games are already being scripted assuming ads. For the life of me I can't understand why people have been willing to be subjected to so much brainwashing. The ad industry is definitely powerful and has ruined so much.
That's all we need, yet more ads. Forget ads, forget games. Get some serious content on there with an easy to use interface and a low price. Open it up to apps and to people inventing new usages.If we wanted ads we could just watch cable TV or browse the Google internet.
Some might say that it was NeXT who took over Apple and actually represented the real Apple.
Apple has tried a gaming console in the past. It was a disaster. The Mac has never been a platform for serious gamers. iOS happened to work out fine for soft gamers. If the ATV happens to as well then great, but Apple has never been much into gaming and I feel it would be a big mistake to start now.Amazon is rumoured to be dropping the FireTV and to focus on the Fire TV stick. Their entry into gaming was hardly a success.Gaming would be a huge sinkhole. If people want to...
I agree completely. Hopefully, the unit will be open enough that people will be able to extend its basic usage. Gaming is not a core aspect of an ATV. Would games be developed uniquely for an ATV and not run on an iPad? I don't think so. An app store and better i/o interface and price are far more important. They have to keep the price down to assure sales and they have to open the system up in order to put pressure on traditional content suppliers.Siri? Fine, but I just...
A $400 Apple TV would be the end of the device. It's not hardware but rather content that matters. Under $100, apps and better content.
I don't want to talk to my remote nor my TV though I do like interacting with Alexa.
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