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I just heard about this. I ordered a 3G+64G iPad because of that $20 share data plan with my iPhone. I can't believe they would just withdraw it, but I checked and it's no longer there. Without that option I will cancel the order. This is a nightmare. I can't imagine Apple putting that in the store without some kind of approval from Rogers. The question is whether or not to cancel now or wait to see just what the situation is. If it's Apple's fault then that is truly...
No it's called compromise ( between the "law of the jungle" and a "totalitarian state"). philip
I've lived in quite a few places on earth. If you think Canada stinks then you need to move to another planet. I am not a Canadian nationalist, or a strong believer in sovereignty, but your attitude strikes me as that of someone who only wants to take, There are reasons for the way books, media, etc...are distributed in Canada. In part they are related to the fact that many/most Canadians did not want to be part of America. You might want to think that freedom has no...
I can imagine that it would be disappointing, but it's really not the end of the world. Waiting a bit is not always a bad thing. In any case I don't really think we should expect to have products introduced simultaneously. There are just so many regulatory bodies to deal with that I am amazed that they can even sell them in so many countries. I am sure you are aware of the chaos that exists in distribution of media (ebooks, music, movies, tv shows, etc...). These are...
I'm sure you'd survive, but if it's that important then just keep waiting... philip
It's only past midnight in Ontario and east of that. Go west and it is still the 9th of May. Patience... philip
Good luck with that. It'll take a 100 years for that to happen. philip
If you had been out of the country for a week (7 days+ 1sec) would you have had to pay the hst+pst? There is a $750 "duty free" amount but it's not clear if that also means tax free exemption. If not then you are paying state tax, provincial tax and GST. Doesn't seem worth it... philip
Canada Post is more expensive. Shipping in Canada is also more expensive. There are hidden taxes floating around all over the place. Just look at the price of a trip. The taxes are often more than the price of the carrier. In addition, the nominal exchange rate is not what one actually pays. That's a reference point. Even at par you won't get a foreign currency without some kind of charge. Companies have to use some kind of projection regarding currency. They are...
Which one? philip
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