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I have two of the new ATV's and a first generation ATV. I really like the new one but I think something must be wrong with your original ATV. I don't see a lag at all in in the menu. Are you running the latest OS? philip
Hardly. On my 52" HDTV I see no difference. People who want to shuffle around 12gig+ files on the internet are just creating problems for everyone. 720p allows for a great picture and a reasonable size. Just replace your 70" set with a smaller one or sit further back... philip
Not unreasonable, just not very likely. That's not where Apple is going. I have had Mini's for ages. These are great. No bricks, silent, hdmi, trivial setup, etc... The only complaint I have it the SD card slot. The location is ok, but you never know if it's in. A couple of times it caused a panic in the OS, and that never happens to my Minis. Apple has a pretty nice compute lineup now. They need to upgrade the higher end Macs, put more memory into the iPad and get rid of...
An iMac is not better if you want to use the Mini hooked up to an HDTV or if you want a server. The iMac is a great all in one computer. One of the best desktops. The trend over time might very well be towards things like the iPad, Mini to HDTV, laptop, iPhone. Desktops don't quite have the same appeal anymore to a lot of people. I wonder what this means for the Apple TV? Given that the Mini increased in price this leaves a lot of room for a very interesting product. philip
Users do care about the size, look, hdmi, no power brick, graphics, ... I've used a Mini attached to an HDTV for years. It's my main system. Great system. The new one is even better. Obviously you are not the type of user this machine is aimed for. To each his own. Can't wait to get one... philip
The reason for the VGA adapter is that almost all projectors use that video connection and the iPad is excellent for presentations. It would be nice to have the iPad have the ability to connect wirelessly to an adapter. The VGA wire is a pain. I agree with you regarding the complexity of home theater setups... philip
What would be the point of being able to run high profile h.264? You aren't going to stream that at this point and you can be certain that the Apple TV , or whatever it is called, will be a closed system not meant for running Blu-ray rips. The idea is to have a device to run legal media. philip
He can take a few more $'s from my taxes provided he has proof that he doesn't smoke, exercises, rides a bike to work, does not eat fast foods, avoids deserts, etc.... philip
Certain breeds are no longer allowed in Ontario after some unfortunate dog attacks on children ( not necessarily only by those breeds). I don't know if it was the dogs or the owners who were more to blame. There is an issue of properly training a dog and this seems to be lacking. In any case, it's not completely a joke... Parts of Ontario seem to have come out with some very strange laws with very little evidence. In Toronto you have to virtually have a pool surrounded by...
I just heard about this. I ordered a 3G+64G iPad because of that $20 share data plan with my iPhone. I can't believe they would just withdraw it, but I checked and it's no longer there. Without that option I will cancel the order. This is a nightmare. I can't imagine Apple putting that in the store without some kind of approval from Rogers. The question is whether or not to cancel now or wait to see just what the situation is. If it's Apple's fault then that is truly...
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