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Do you mean like GM, Chrysler and many of the major US financial institutions? philip
@pooman625 My Tablet PC's all use Wacom's approach. They do not feel cheap, nor do I believe are less expensive to make. The problem with capacitive screens, as used with the iPad, is that they make it very difficult to write. The wrist causes too many problems. Try taking notes in a science based course and you will see why writing is still important. Unfortunately, people are wedded to the 2 dimensional ancient typewriter as an input device. The addition of touch is...
I agree. I really like my iPads and have 0 interest in Android. I do have several Tablet PC's which are great for what I do. If Windows 8 can combine the iPad magic with a stylus then it will be very interesting. I have long thought that Microsoft had much to offer with their tablet research. We will see if it pays off. Philip
I doubt Amazon cares about the hacker market. They want to sell stuff. philip
E-ink is the only reason for our two Kindles, otherwise we would simply use our iDevices. Amazon would lose a lot of readers were they to abandon that. I can't imagine them doing it. philip
What's wrong with WebOS? I've never used an Android device so I can't comment on that. Seems like the wild west with no controls though. I'd rather a well defined OS with a company behind it. iOS or windows8 would be my preference, but webos seems really nice. philip
That is true and I suspect a lot of other tablet makers lost customers because of that. The only tablet selling a lot if the iPad and that won't continue forever. It will do well no doubt but once windows 8 is in the game things will be a lot more interesting. I still think the lack of a stylus input ( not handwriting recognition) is a weak point with the iPad and most current capacitive tablets. Unless we are planning on only using typewriters and returning to the Middle...
Since many Minis are in living rooms looks matter. That's why many of us don't have towers sitting next to the TV. I personally don't want to see ports and wires all over the place and certainly not in front of the Mini. philip
They are not, that's the problem. philip
Well said. philip
New Posts  All Forums: