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It will never happen unless iPods start playing CD's. philip
I think they go well together. Apple TV does give you a nice way of getting digital media unto the bigger screen. While the component video cables will do the same for the iPhone it is a real hassle and the resolution is not as good. I tried the universal dock with my iPhone and kept wondering what the point of the remote was. The Apple TV is really nicely integrated and with XBMC it's very interesting. philip
It works great with XBMC. I might add that the Mini also works great with Plex. The Mini is similar to an Apple TV with added computer capability. It goes very well with an HDTV. On the other hand the Apple TV is more in the spirit of what most non-gamers want from a TV. Both are excellent choices (even the current Mini) but the Apple TV is much less expensive. philip
Not the political fellow. Go to iTunes. There are some podcasts of The Hour.He really is great. pmcd
Regarding the Apple TV. Great product. As for those who think you have to convert media files to play this then you haven't done your homework. It will play, sync and stream virtually any file without having to do anything at all to the hardware itself. Get a flash drive and install xbmc/boxee or just Perian. It's essentially the same as playing these files on any Mac. You need codecs for Quicktime to play them and installing them on an AppleTV takes under 10 minutes of...
You don't need X11 for LaTeX. It's hard to imagine producing any mathematical document with anything but TeX unless you are thinking of just basic equations. While I quite understand your aversion to troff ( nightmares....) you might want to have a look at LyX. It's a very good front-end to LaTeX and it's free and doesn't require X11. The addition of MathType 6 support to pages is good news. Hopefully they will get the baseline stuff right and support drag and drop. Nisus...
I agree completely, almost. I also have both and the iPhone is far better for me. My Asus basically gathers dust. I have standardized on iPhone's/iTouch's, 3 Mac Minis and 3 Tablet PC's running Windows. Windows is far superior for people wanting an active digitizing screen input. I couldn't imagine ever going back to the typewriter model of a computer. Too bad it's not OSX, but Apple seems to believe that handwriting is a thing of the past (and they might be right). For...
All junk. It's not even worth thinking about. philip
The MacBook is really nice. I don't personally "believe" in laptops, but if one must have a portable typewriter and communication device then the MacBook is a great choice. In fact, for most people it is probably the best computer to buy.It's not clear what is to become of desktops so it's hard to compare things with the Mac Pro and iMac in mind. If you throw those out for the moment then it seems to me that the Mac Mini and iPhone/iTouch are the only products that make...
Well you are correct that it hasn't been updated. But, it is hardly crappy. It's probably the best computer Apple makes. Makes use of your HDTV, fast enough for most tasks, small, quiet, lot's of expansion capability. The Dell Studio is similar but has HDMI. The Mini could do with HDMI and an easier way to expand RAM. But even as is it's a great system.philip
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