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I totally agree. This whole wide screen fad has been terrible for slate users. Makes using them in portrait mode silly. 16:10 is a bit better but still not ideal. It was a shame when Apple went widescreen with the iPad and iPhone. Hopefully they don't do that with the iPad.Philip
Going is not now. Who knows where Samsung is going? As far as I can tell they still use Android for their newest products.philip
NeXT's original strategy was more like Apple's. it was only with OpenStep that they tried the MS approach. Interesting article. It isn't clear to me that the integrated approach is back in the driver's seat. Apple relies on the iPhone for the most part. Phone fashions change and a shift away from the iPhone would really damage the company. Philip
Hardly the same. Very smart move by Microsoft. Motorola is not Nokia. Philip
I agree. Google has become a very unhealthy entity with a nasty habit of plastering the world with beta products in order to see which one might stick.As far as Microsoft goes, everyone likes to take a poke at the top dog. They are not about to disappear from the scene any time soon. They have a range of good products, collect royalties from all the Android pedlars and do a lot of excellent research. Their Windows 8 approach makes a lot of sense in my opinion. It will...
I had one for quite some time but that never happened to me. Perhaps you had it set up wrong? My complaints re the Surface RT were the 16:9 aspect ratio, no stylus and capacitive screen. Two of those three are also issues I have with my iPads. My nightmare scenario is having the iPad move to widescreen like they did with the iPhone and iPod Touch.Philip
Because they don't want you to " cut cable TV" .Philip
You are quite wrong in saying the Surface is cheaply made. It is, in fact, very well made. Unfortunately, like the iPad, the capacitive screen means you can't handwrite well on the device. Apart from that, it's not a bad tablet except for the 16:9 aspect ratio which makes using it in portrait mode quite unpleasant.$200 is a pretty good price though that price seems to not apply to individuals.If they used a Wacom screen like the Samsung Note 8.0 or the Surface Pro then a...
The iPad mini would be ideal with an active digitizer or equivalent. I far prefer the 4:3 aspect ratio to say the 16:9 ratio of the MS Surface. The Samsung Note 8.0 is 16:10 which is not bad. There are some excellent writing programs for the Note 8. For the life of me I just don't understand why Apple is disregarding this issue. Mind you, on the basis of the responses here it is clear that handwriting just isn't an important need for most users. I wonder if signatures will...
The real weak point with the iPad, and I am an iPad user, is the lack of handwriting capability. They need to support proper writing which means the need for active digitizer equivalent capabilities. Capacitive screens are just terrible for writing. Now you can say that writing no longer matter but it still does in the scientific world, and I would hope that doctors are still living there.I have owned every iPad but Apple's reluctance to support writing led me to a Samsung...
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