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To vinea: I suspect you would have a difficult time presenting a mathematical lecture using a typewriter/computer unless you were one of the top LaTex people on the planet. Try it sometime. I am not saying to get rid of language. I am simply saying there is more to communication and information than text. As for Excel. No doubt it is useful to many, but to call it advanced is redifing the term. MatLab, Mathemaica, R, etc...are advanced. Excel is convenience. ...
That's something many are unaware of. Once you graduate and want to use it, even to teach say, you have to pay the full price ( Home and Student editions don't cover teachers). Of course many places have site licenses but if you don't fall under that setup you want to be careful before locking yourself into software. This is, of course, the great appeal of open source software. pmcd
Interesting. What is this obsession with getting things into typewriter form? You are assuming that science will continue to stay in the background and that people will continue to work with minimal mathematical tools. It's a sad day when a simple matrix/spreadsheet is considered an advanced tool. The typewriter is simply not the right tool for intricate work nor is it the proper tool for scientific communication. There is no need to obsess with handwriting recognition to...
The reason why you can't understand the need for writing or touching is that you are wedded to the 19th century typewriter and powerpoint presentations. Anyone who has done a minimum of science will understand the limitations of the typewriter. pmcd
The ATV's 720p picture quality is very good. There aren't exactly a whole lot of 1080p sources around. So I assume you are claiming that the high profile 720p files are significantly better? I just disagree. I do admit that 1080p produces a difference (under certain conditions - size, distance from TV, type of movie), but that's not in the cards for streaming.I can see a difference between 480p and 720p. The ATv plays both.philip
Big deal. Do you want 1080p streaming over the internet? I'm sure the ISP's would love that. A 720p ATV video is pretty darned nice (and I have a player that does do the higher stuff and there really is no difference unless you are running some insanely large TV. pmcd
The ATV is not cheap to make. The build price was published a while back. In fact, since IDE drives are going up it probably costs more, or about the same, to make now than when it came out. You make some good points but I'd have to disagree with your final paragraph. A DVD does not have better quality. Obviously Blu-Ray does, but I don't know if it will replace DVD's. Not clear one way or another. If Blu-Ray does become really popular then the streaming and digital folks...
It will never happen unless iPods start playing CD's. philip
I think they go well together. Apple TV does give you a nice way of getting digital media unto the bigger screen. While the component video cables will do the same for the iPhone it is a real hassle and the resolution is not as good. I tried the universal dock with my iPhone and kept wondering what the point of the remote was. The Apple TV is really nicely integrated and with XBMC it's very interesting. philip
It works great with XBMC. I might add that the Mini also works great with Plex. The Mini is similar to an Apple TV with added computer capability. It goes very well with an HDTV. On the other hand the Apple TV is more in the spirit of what most non-gamers want from a TV. Both are excellent choices (even the current Mini) but the Apple TV is much less expensive. philip
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