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I would very much appreciate you not swearing in your replies to me. You free to do what you want but I usually ignore that kind of outburst.I have a lot of chargers and am quite familiar with the issues involved. You may think that chargers are interchangeable but they are not. Computer USB ports are quite safe for charging. It's a different story when you use other sources. Anyway feel free to charge whatever you want however you want. I am very particular when it comes...
I am not come mplaining about any of those things. You obviously didn't read the post. While I am at it, I do not think it is unreasonable for Apple to include a charger with a remote that requires it. They include chargers with other devices that require them and warn you only to use their chargers. If I use an Amazon phone charger and somehow the remote, which is 50% of the cost of the Apple TV, gets damaged can you assure me that Apple will replace my remote for free?It...
This whole thread has gotten out of hand.   1- can't enter your passwords ( the remote is there and it takes a few minutes with it) 2- doesn't support 4K ( that one takes the cake. It also doesn't have HDMI 2.2 and neither do most 4K TV's) 3- the Roku 4 is better ( have a look at the reviews) 4- the Fire TV is better ( even worse than the Roku 4) 5- no optical out ( also no composite) 4- requires a computer to charge the remote ( I do see this as a reasonable...
 Well it comes with the cable but there's no way of using the cable unless you have a computer or a charger which is not included. I would have thought a charger would be included since the remote can't be used without charging and you can't assume everyone has a computer.
A lot of people don't have computers. Many have just an iPhone or iPad or Android or whatever. You can't assume that people have computers. It's not a requirement for using the Apple TV or is it? If it isn't then supply the charger.
How? Can it be charged with an iPhone or iPad?
Finally, a legitimate point. The lack of a charger for a remote that requires charging is really bad. I totally agree with you on this.
What loss of functionality are you talking about? The remote app is being updated and the BT keyboard issue is very temporary.Unless you have a jailbroken ATV2 the new ATV is way more functional, even now.In a couple of weeks it will be interesting to revisit many of the issues raised. For now, a lot of people are just whining for no good reason (not talking about you!)... It's a $150 item, not a Lear jet.
I have had them all. This is by far the best one. There are some minor issues and the issues involving Google, Apple and Amazon are unfortunate but this Apple TV comes very close to allowing me to get rid of every other media streamer. Obviously it is not an HTPC replacement but it covers a lot of even that unit's capabilities. The lack of gigabit Ethernet is not surprising given that these SoC's don't really have the power to handle that. In any case the ac wireless is...
Perhaps you had higher expectations. The new ATV is exactly what I thought it would be. Love it. Sure there are a few rough spots but these will be fixed fast as opposed to the audio issues with the Fire TV which are still awaiting resolution ( and I am talking 1st gen).
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