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  The move to 16:9 aspect ratios in the iPhone 5 and iPod Touch is something I hope does not happen with the iPad. 16:9 may be fine for video but it is really lacking with almost ever other use. It's as though they want us to read books on legal paper. The 4:3 aspect ratio of the iPads give you more useable space and can be used in both portrait and landscape modes in a reasonable way. Unfortunately almost every tablet has gone 16:9. It's really a step backwards.   philip
No, it's just plain childish. It's getting hard to take anything said here seriously. They should insist on people being over the age of 10 (years).   philip
I don't know about that. I can see the point that it works better via touch, until you actually run something, but the colours make it inviting. OSX could do with some colours. It's rather drab in my opinion. Moreover, Microsoft has resolution independence which the Mac badly needs. You almost have to run OSX at a lower resolution just to see things properly, especially on Mac Minis attached to large screens.   The point is that MS is moving in the right direction with...
  The was a microphone in the 4th G iTouch so of course there would still be one. There are also speakers.   philip
  I agree. In many ways the real star of the new products.   philip
  The $300 price is for the 32 gig model and supports AirPlay Mirroring. It has a flash for the camera. Basically an iPhone 4S without cell capabilities and no contracts. Seems greta to me.   philip
Anyone on the net can be whatever they wish. That's the problem.    philip
  Well you often can't skip through ads with on demand shows.   philip
  Well what do you think will happen if there is no Office of the iPad, Android tablets/phones but Microsoft puts out a mobile solution to working with Office on its mobile solutions? Will business buy iPads? Don't think so. Same with Macs. Then there's the education market. There are a lot of "failed" companies around as most use Office. You are seriously underestimating the threat. Wishful thinking in fact.   philip
Apple, and in fact the computing world, has to somehow escape the Office jail. Business is addicted to Office.Unless someone breaks this addiction Microsoft will be able to direct the future of mobile computing by limiting the real Office to Windows phones, tablets and computers. Perhaps there is no escape from jail. Eventually, Microsoft will get the OS and hardware right and there will be quite a few Netscapes floating about.   philip
New Posts  All Forums: