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BBC? Also, even other British channels seem to place ads before a program starts. Having ads every five minutes makes TV unbearable to me. It becomes pointless. Dramas lose their impact when interrupted by ads, sports seem to be designed around ads, etc ... Paying a fee to watch live TV with ads ( and I can't see how the ads could be removed) is pointless in my opinion. Ads have ruined so much. At least have an option for higher fees for no ad entertainment. At the very...
Had a look at that. Don't you first have to have a $30 130 channel basic bundle before getting to pick things?
Ads have ruined TV. He has a very good point.
Paying is fine as long as programs are not interrupted every 5 minutes by ads. I suppose ads before programs start would almost be tolerable.
Perhaps the price also has a component which reflects a predicted value of a currency? Countries, such as Australia and Canada, are heavily reliant on commodities which have huge price swings. Currency values seem to reflect this. This is apart from shipping, taxes, market size and so on ... With relatively low valued currencies at this time I don't see why people wouldn't look to other products not tied so closely to the USD. Perhaps they don't exist?
Currencies are hard to understand. It's not clear to me that a really high or really low valued currency is desirable. If high then fewer people from outside the country can/will buy your products. If low then you can't afford imported products.A really high currency would be great if you were fairly self sufficient and did not depend on exports. A self sufficient country would also do well with a low currency since it would export more.As for Apple products, they sell...
What a refreshing opinion. Now if only more people understood the erosion of privacy that is happening. Unfortunately, people are selling off chunks of privacy for free commodities. It's very disturbing.
Going back to mac.com Apple has never gotten the cloud right. I don't know why but it just doesn't seem to be their forte. They are great at so many things but just terrible when it comes to internet based products. They need a whole new team looking into this, maybe people not at Apple.
This article is just great. Been using Apple products for longer than I care to remember but iCloud is a total mystery. The whole photo issue is a mess and since photos are an important aspect of our iDevices I wish they would get the storage issue simplified. We have backups stored all over the place. Photos taken from an iDevices should have an option to automatically be stored on iCloud and yes it should be free. It's so frustrating that it's tempting just to stop using...
What is the debt? As far as wars go they traditionally were ways of stimulating economies. Not saying you should be having them but the accounting aspects are quite political.
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