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R is a data analysis package that grad students use to analyze data and such ... It's open source which is nice. Very useful but it's not really what I was talking about. I don't think it runs under iOS. It does run under OSX although it used to require X Windows. It runs on the Surface in legacy mode.
Heh, very funny. Perhaps it will encourage the youngsters to look up the history of the typewriter😀
Because most of the discussions around the use of computers is largely from the perspective of people who either type for a living or use specialized programs to manipulate video/audio. The best way I could come up with to illustrate how these activities are rudimentary(I am NOT saying that art is rudimentary or simple.) and can be addressed by virtually any system around is the very simple task of communicating science in a world where science is or should be increasingly...
Apple and Microsoft have very similar problems. The original promise of the Mac, and the Xerox system before it, was to allow for more complex I/o than the 2-d oriented ascii keyboard, largely based on Roman characters. MS-Dos and ProDos before it used this limitation to build on similarly limited apps ( spreadsheets and so on). The ability to mix more complex objects was always a bit of a hack involving importing data from specialized programs into programs such as...
Is that the case in Australia? In any case the ATV will never play disk images officially. Also, the 269 AUD price was mentioned initially. Does that include sales tax and any kind of VAT like tax? Unfortunately, the Australian dollar has been on a roller coaster ride this year. This has been the case for many resource based economies. International sales use the US $ as a base. This is going to become increasingly problematic for companies such as Apple whose sales are...
Anyone who needs to write mathematical documents ( so most hard sciences) has a choice of pen and paper or something like a Surface. People have become so blinded by the typewriter that they fail to see that future note taking, not rooted in the Middle Ages, will require a lot of science and hence a lot of mathematics and hence handwriting.The Surface is a very nice device. Don't care for the pen and the lag but it is more useful to many than a MacBook ( which is also very...
Well Switzerland is a tiny country. The average speed in the U.S. is well under 10mbps. Moreover caps in data usage are becoming common. 4K streaming is not even close to being ready for rollout. There are so many issues, the most important being the cloud surrounding h.265. If you want 4K now get something else.
There was once an iMac type Apple computer with a built in turner. It was a flop. Antennae, tuners, etc... are not in Apple's crystal ball, I suspect. They are considered antiques.
I don't think their hardware is junk, especially the Fire TV, but I do think the Amazon move is a low point. They are not going to increase sales of anything doing this. It's probably related tp the politics on in-app purchases.
Finally, a relevant question. I too am not a gamer. I don't really see the need for 64GB. I will be getting the 32GB model.
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