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Forums on the Internet have given every dog and cat the option to post anonymously on any topic and gives their "expert views" a worldwide platform. Having this disappear would be a good thing in my opinion. I have been using BBS systems since the Apple //. I certainly don't expect to pay to occasionally post on them. If you are asking whether or not I would pay to access MacSurfer, AI, etc ... that's another matter.
Too bad. I thought the Tablo was really a neat thing to look into that would solve most of the issues I had with OTA TV.
I agree. I don't think chord cutting and streaming is going to save money. Cable companies will simply increase prices for bandwidth. They will not willingly give up money. Nevertheless, there is something to be said for the freedom to watch what one likes.
If people don't value education or were brought up to not find it entertaining then that is too bad. Let them dig ditches for ten years and see how much fun that is. If society doesn't value quality then that's just too bad. I'm sure the world will evolve just nicely on a diet of SciFy junk, fast food junk and junk education. People have to see just how much they are losing out on in order to start developing a sense of taste.
The web was around before it turned into the cesspool that the commercial and ad peddlers have made it. In any case the ad issue here is with respect to TV series and dramas which ads have ruined. Unfortunately most people are willing to subject themselves to the brainwashing techniques that ad agencies are good at in order to obtain "free" shows.To make matters worse movies and shows have ads built in to them ( product placements).Even sports has been affected by the ad...
Do you know of a media player which does not run Plex?
I was talking about the approach, not the content.
True but so does every other media player. In addition Amazon has the advantage of creating/distributing, or whatever you want to call it, very good original content.Just getting cable TV stations to be distributed via the Apple TV is not going to do much unless somehow the experience changed drastically ( like getting rid of ads which is unlikely). The cable companies will just make up for lost revenue by increasing the cost of Internet. So, this is not really about...
I do think getting in to automobiles at this point should be the ultimate secret hobby. Getting the software and hardware, where appropriate, into cars is a good idea. The car thing is even more extreme than getting into the manufacturing of TV's, which I also think would be a mistake at this time.I am not opposed to gaming. I think it can be done in a natural way by making the ATV open enough. As you and others have pointed out, iDevices have become a major force in...
That would be unfortunate though you are probably right. The bottom line for me is no ads during a show. Even that would be unrealistic for sports as the games are already being scripted assuming ads. For the life of me I can't understand why people have been willing to be subjected to so much brainwashing. The ad industry is definitely powerful and has ruined so much.
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