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Some might say that it was NeXT who took over Apple and actually represented the real Apple.
Apple has tried a gaming console in the past. It was a disaster. The Mac has never been a platform for serious gamers. iOS happened to work out fine for soft gamers. If the ATV happens to as well then great, but Apple has never been much into gaming and I feel it would be a big mistake to start now.Amazon is rumoured to be dropping the FireTV and to focus on the Fire TV stick. Their entry into gaming was hardly a success.Gaming would be a huge sinkhole. If people want to...
I agree completely. Hopefully, the unit will be open enough that people will be able to extend its basic usage. Gaming is not a core aspect of an ATV. Would games be developed uniquely for an ATV and not run on an iPad? I don't think so. An app store and better i/o interface and price are far more important. They have to keep the price down to assure sales and they have to open the system up in order to put pressure on traditional content suppliers.Siri? Fine, but I just...
A $400 Apple TV would be the end of the device. It's not hardware but rather content that matters. Under $100, apps and better content.
I don't want to talk to my remote nor my TV though I do like interacting with Alexa.
Both the Box One and PS4 are interesting for gamers. Non gamers are hardly going to but them to stream Netflix. Too expensive, fans and high electrical useage.It isn't clear if anyone can win the streaming world. The Apple TV needs a boost. We shall see, hopefully, next month.Microsoft has been doing interesting things so I wouldn't count them out. If I had to guess I would say Apple or Microsoft.
There was a time when Apple was all about neat technology... Now it's all about share prices. What a way of sucking the creative air out of anything.
What does Steve Jobs have to do with anything? I just think that the current CEO is a very competent manager/engineer but not a particularly inspiring leader.
I don't think so. For much of the time the Fire TV and Roku were only sold in the U.S. . In order to get a fair comparison with the current situation we'd have to break the units down by players and players lite ( so Chromecast, Fire TV Stick, etc ...). You might get a better picture for the Apple TV. Still, Apple is really pushing it when it comes to the Apple TV and the Mac Mini.Hopefully they are taking the time to get things right. Unfortunately their software releases...
If the content owners won't let Apple do something worthwhile then perhaps Apple should become a content distributor.You do have a point about allowing games' content across iPhone, iPad and ATV. I see the appeal. I just wonder why someone would choose to play on a TV versus an iPad. The size of the screen for social games perhaps but otherwise is there really any advantage? The typical game on a portable device would seem to be very different than on a higher end console...
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