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I doubt Apple need worry about Android. It's just one ugly mess. People may buy Android tablets based on low cost only to discard them. Windows8 tablets are a different thing. Unless something is done to wean business' obsession with Office, Microsoft could very well use that to gain a majority of the market. Unfortunately people are addicted to Word, Excel and Exchange. Office has largely been a destructive piece of software in the sense of playing a large part in...
It's not about hardware specs. Unless people get off their Office addiction Microsoft will have a huge market for a Windows tablet. The key to dealing with Microsoft is in dealing with Office to which businesses are addicted. Who would have thought that word processing and elementary matrix manipulation would hold everyone back. philip
Hmm ... unless things have really changed in the past month I think X11 is pretty important in the academic world. This seems like an odd move or perhaps Apple is giving up on that small group of users? It's far better for it to be part of the system. philip
Not at 3 years. philip
The days of being able to communicate with different networking pieces is not over. Google is basically a front man for the ad industry. Far more insidious than Microsoft has ever been. You don't want the basic UI and OS to be different from Samsung to HTC to company x. If required Microsoft can always design and farm out manufacturing the phones. You certainly don't want a free for all with telecommunications as to what works with what device. Microsoft has many things...
That just is not true. philip
Don't know about the conscience thing but a belief in Apple pulling out of South Korea is just crazy. philip
No, your phone is perfectly fine. Stay with it or wait unlit one that will also take you into space. iOS 5, serious voice capabilities, etc ... all make for very interesting additions. AppleInsider's Forums are turning into sounding boards for teens who like to hear themselves talk. The owners should do something.philip
I do agree with you on this. Textbooks should find homes on colour tablets. Too bad the publishing world is so intent on making it difficult. Magazines, newspapers and textbooks. Otherwise, e-ink is infinitely better. philip
I don't quite get the point of the Fire. The e-ink Kindles are great with a very long battery life. That is what you want for an e-reader. Neither the iPad nor the any other tablet I have seen is a great e-book reader. Mind you the iPad is a pretty good textbook reader. I could see the Fire being useful for textbooks, but that world seems very fragmented. There doesn't seem to be an easy way to get video content onto an HDTV or is there? That would make it less appealing...
New Posts  All Forums: