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Does anyone know how well the Apple Pencil handles palm rejection issues?
Agree completely. The $149 price strikes me as a very reasonable point especially given what you get. I am especially happy with the App Store, Siri and remote ( though I have the Logitech Smart Control and Ultimate One remotes - oddly prefer the lower cost remote ( the $149 one)).This should be viewed as the start of the Apple TV platform. The App Store is going to really transform things.
The new Apple TV is hardly an incremental step. The App Store alone is a very big deal and changes the device completely. You have to view the Apple TV within the context of the Apple world. This is not your Roku or Amazon Fire TV. Both are fine products but with little chance of changing anything. For whatever reason Google TV was a massive failure and Android TV has just gone nowhere. Those wanting massive hardware with an included game controller need only look at the...
Must admit that the iPad Pro and the Apple TV 4 seem great. The iPad Pro, in particular, is really special. I was watching them use the Apple Pencil and noticed that no one seemed to have rested their palm on the screen. I wonder if one will have to worry about this when writing? Palm rejection has always been an issue even with a higher end BT stylus. Does anyone know?
Interesting point.
I somehow don't expect this to be a large population. Real board games are far better for a family than sitting around a TV. Do people still even sit around the TV except perhaps for sports, elections, etc ...?
But why would someone play a casual game on a TV rather than a mobile device? A true gamer will still want a console or a PC ( not including Mac). Apple has never gotten the gaming world and iOS becoming a platform for casual gaming was developers taking advantage of a new opportunity. Casual gaming on a TV has a long history and has not worked for a very long time and has never really worked at all in North America.The casual games, to me, seem to be very elementary...
The 25 million figure is over 8 years. Recently the ATV has fallen behind both the Roku and Amazon Fire TV in sales. I agree that an App Store would be a major plus, assuming it is not totally crippled or completely gaming oriented.It makes no sense for someone living outside the U.S., and perhaps a few other countries, to buy an ATV except as an AirPlay device. In effect, it is a fine accessory to an iDevice. Maybe they should bundle it for free with iPhones.Apple does...
I guess we will all know more tomorrow, but I also feel that the emphasis on the ATV as a casual gaming device is a mistake. As someone has already mentioned casual gamers are happier on mobile devices. Will games purchased for the ATV be payable on iPads? If so will there be separate pricing? In any case: 1- There is more to media than gaming. Fine for younger folks but that's about it. Moreover I suspect this type of instant gratification has turned people into...
This doesn't just include Apple but in any case that revenue is scattered over many small purchases. All that seems to be saying is that MacDonalds earns more than a Michelin 3 star restaurant.
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