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All kinds of reasons for some of the difference:   1) Currency/Exchange Rates (even at par, it costs to convert currency) 2) Taxes (VAT is often included the price, rather than added later as in North America) 3) Import Duties 4) Distribution (Apple and many other companies use distribution services like Ingram Micro) 5) Local Taxes on business operations 6) Local rights holders for content (record labels, television, movies often have separate foreign...
    Yes, the same Samsung who ripped off their largest customer.
We "get by" with iCloud, DropBox and Airplay. What do you use for cable management?
Apple, like any other customer, has the right to take their business wherever they want, for whatever reason they want. Apple cannot force Pegatron to refuse to build for Asus, but they can sure as hell advise Pegatron that they will lose Apple business if they do.
I'm not seeing how this changes anything ... Motorola Mobility owned patents that Apple/RIM/Nokia/MS would either have to license or litigate against. Now Google bought MM - it's not like Google invented something and patented it, these are existing patents. If MM/Google is seeking licensing arrangements, they would have to offer the same licensing structure to all manufacturers. If they are seeking litigation, the same litigation would affect all manufacturers. They...
Wintel PC's had proprietary software (Windows) running on open hardware. Android is proprietary hardware running partially open software.Partially open, as none of the high value Google apps are "open" and partially open because hardware manufacturers and carriers can add their own elements to base Android.In this sense, base OS X (Darwin) is an "open" OS, missing only Apple's high value apps and without Apple's UI.
I'll give you that. What's not cool is that they *had* to do that - what kind of a message does that send to early adopters? R&D, competitive analysis and features should be the first thing they do, not the last.
It might work for displaying videos, but what about the UI when you rotate the display and what about Apps? Is an eventual Android app store going to feature applications built with every aspect ratio and pixel dimension in mind, or will there be device specific Apps? Sounds like an unmanaged mess to me.
I think that is exactly what happened. September options expired a few days ago, and a whole mess of people shorting Apple got caught with the recent climb in price. If you have enough shares, you can dump half of them at the higher price, selling all the way down to the target, and then start buying again while the panic is still rampant. Instant $20-30 a share profit.
Especially as iPhone is the app platform - most users minimise their use of web browsers in preference to specialized apps.Later, as Apple kicks other advertising and analytic companies off the platform, these stats will dive even further, even if market share remains the same.
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