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Thank you!200,000 x 365 = 73 million+ devices annually - neither Android or iOS devices with 3G service are running at this rate annually yet, anyway. Probably not a sustainable number, as both companies picked their snapshot window for this stat.
You might better ask what industries did he kill or remake - what would not exist or be different without him. Personal computers existed before the Mac -The Apple II running Visicalc killed mainframe computing (reborn as Desktop Computing) -The Mac & the LaserWriter killed the printing industry (reborn as Desktop Publishing) Flash based music players existed with the iPod -The iPod, along with iTunes killed the music industry distribution & pricing model Cell phones...
There are at least two issues at play - physically blocking the signal with your hand or body (cupping, grip of death etc), and detuning the antenna. Detuning can happen even from getting close to an antenna, no need to to touch it. If you're old enough to remember rabbit ears, you may have experienced having to stand in a certain spot to watch TV. Phones should increase power when they sense attenuation and should also compensate for antenna detuning (same...
Seems to me your comment is only about bars being displayed. Where you used to go from 5 bars to no service, you will now go from 1 or 2 bars to no service. Apple is fixing the perceptual problem of completely dropping service in an erroneously reported 5 bar service area. It is less surprising to have a call fail with 1 bar service vs 5 bar service. What really matters is how well the phone works in comparison to other phones in the same location.
It's quite easy to sync the iPad with more than one computer, as long as you don't set iTunes to sync the same category on each computer.ie: Sync podcasts on one machine, music on another, apps and documents on a third.
So a music wholesaler has four customers, and he offers a sweet deal to one of them, while refusing to extend the same deal to the others. He is then seriously surprised to find out one of his customers is not supporting the marketing his products anymore?
If Google was ever to become a convicted monopolist like Microsoft, then their behaviour of using a monopoly in one market (say advertising or search) to choke other markets by offering "free" products would certainly cause them problems.
[QUOTE=davey-nb;1622143]And now they are saying they didn't buy the phone at all. The $5,000 was for exclusive access only with the promise of returning it to Apple after they had finished with it. I bet they have that in writing...! ... as if that will save their sorry ass! I guess that's why they disassembled the phone, because they paid for "access".
If they press you on that, you could also explain that your didn't actually buy the car, you merely paid for exclusive access to the car.
Like Linux? And better for what or in what way? Microsoft isn't open anything and has no "Windows Phone 7 Series" market ... who else is there?
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