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its crazy that he thinks, having the latest feature is the only reason people want to upgrade. if this was true samsungs high end phones would be dominating iphone every time. people like me and my family of 13 (brothers, sisters, kids etc) all have iphones and when its time for a new phone we buy what ever iphone is new at the time, we are not attempted away by android as we are smart enough to know android is basically the same thing but less reliable, worse apps and...
slice? really does any one even use that service what a horrible way of predicting sales based on the 100 or so slice users
 Funny this person hasn't used any of these features yet but has trashed them all and already threatened to go back to spotify 
most people i know who are on spotify are those who got it free with the mobile phone package
 Says who? you are just as uninformed as the rest of us.
 Im seeing more and more "kids" wearing trackers, its not just a watch so not just old people are going to buy it, i know that was what you were getting at. one day everyone will have some type of tracking device on their person.
Uber on IOS still uses google maps, not sure how moving away from apple maps makes this headline, unless apple maps is used for the driver app
 If you knew anything about selling cars you would know the infotainment system is quite an important decision to a lot of people.
Car play is designed in such a way that it doesn't need to replace the whole infotainment system, seems silly not to support it. it does kinda make more sense why apple would be working on a car, because if  driver-less cars are the future, apples software could be locked out  
 Cracks in apple pay, its store version is only on 2 phones, apple pay for online stores is on 4 devices, secondly people using apple pay in apps is eventually going to lead it being the default way to pay everywhere, its not like plastic cards are going to make a huge comeback and crush modern technology almost every bank is behind apple pay and are not making there own wireless system to compete with it.
New Posts  All Forums: