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do you realize that the box's and the ladder may be left by the crew who are still working, that photo wasn't a promo shot
Finally some one who feels the same way, i checked the comments over at the verge for a similar story and they are all cheering this and "cant wait" comments. people should be afraid of google buying everything 
Again i disagree. Light room pretty much fuctions the same on the Mac as it does on windows. Material design is a reference for how Google wants all apps to look for its OS just like what Apple has done with iOS 7 flat design. But not only does material design look out of place on iOS it doesn't even use the same gestures. its Google thinking they can fish iOS users over to there platform to gather data for ads more easily. And it seems like it's worked on you
I know you spent a lot of time writing this post but you are 100% wrong. Every app on my phone should not have its own design language i feel it should be consistent to the operating system you are using. I like the way apps look on iOS and Google has to force a design reference it made for its OS on iOS. material design is not something other iOS app developers are going to use on their apps so why bother. Keep that shit on your own os.
Why don't you get a android phone and get off this site android material design is nothing special it just adds more confusion when you see apps made for touch wiz. Google should be using the iOS 7 design not there hideous own one
quite a few reasons this is better than the card swipe NFC 1. card can be stolen and used by any one / visable number can be copied and used 2. you will need to carry a card for every account you have (more plastic cards more chances to lose and be stolen) 3. if your card is lost it has to be replaced with a new one including new number, not true if you lose your iphone 4. if iphone is stolen person would be unable to charge to apple pay without finger print and...
It's not about trusting the person. It's about the malware the android phone may have picked up along it's way. Since android is a malware haven. So no something being attached to an android device is not safer. Not even close
 but if i dont have enough cash on me, he wont appreciate not geting the sale, since i wouldnt trust an android phone with that type of data.
if i see some one using a mobile payment device and its an android ill just pay cash
Can some one tell me why prime members like my self would buy this? All amazons prime apps are already on the iPhone. Prime music. Kindle books and amazon video
New Posts  All Forums: