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It's not about trusting the person. It's about the malware the android phone may have picked up along it's way. Since android is a malware haven. So no something being attached to an android device is not safer. Not even close
 but if i dont have enough cash on me, he wont appreciate not geting the sale, since i wouldnt trust an android phone with that type of data.
if i see some one using a mobile payment device and its an android ill just pay cash
Can some one tell me why prime members like my self would buy this? All amazons prime apps are already on the iPhone. Prime music. Kindle books and amazon video
 How do you know steve would have wasted the money on a superbowl ad? times have changed, ways of advertising are much different than the famous big brother ad. apple wasnt advertising anything new so why waste the money. plus the ads this year sucked, seems like other companys are giving up in the superbowl too
google will buy both these programs, then require you to sign up for google plus then claim another 1billion users, while selling you furnace filters from your nest's display 
apple has to be pleased that pretty much all of their main products make the top 10
how mad are the people who got the 200 buck surface tablet going to be when they realize its a heavy app'less tablet and a poor preforming laptop. MS has tried this before and failed
 i could never get my mom to get video chat working before facetime, she would forget to have skype open or forget her username and password, id normally have to text her to turn skype on and be ready, with facetime she needs no account and when i call her it just pops up like call, video chat is finally useful for the masses with facetime
im sure he has more than one phone, but you would think he would tweet from the phone he doesn't know what he would do without 
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