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Hmm. My aunt is actually in High Springs, only about 4 miles west of Newberry. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Maybe next year I can tether my Macbook Pro-to-be
Wait... I see you are in Gainesville and you get 3G now? Thank God - I'm going on a family trip to my aunt's house just outside of Gainesville next week. Last year when I went all I got was a weak EDGE signal. At least it was faster than her dial up connection on her ancient Dell computer.
Interesting... I find the colors on my 3G S to pop MORE than my 3G when they are side by side...
I'd imagine they would correct for it - it seems like a not-that-hard thing to do. I don't think Garmins have compasses in them, they use GPS tracking to figure out your heading. If that's the case then they wouldn't be affected by magnetic declination. Then again, I may be completely wrong I'm just guessing
Interesting. Also you can see a chrome bezel in some of the pictures that contradict recent rumors of a black bezel on the next iPhone.
Do you think they will go up or stay the same? Do you think there's a chance they even come down a little to try to attract more customers?
I don't know about you guys but I'd really love to have a compass in the next iPhone
I know they usually have sales around back-to-school time but are there any other times of the year they have sales on their Macs? Around how much do they shave off prices?
Yeah haha i thought it was hilarious. It was a nice little creative touch, but i'm a big lost fan so i guess it just seems cool to me.
It's not an iPhone. I noticed 3 differences. One, there is no speaker for the ear. Two, the sleep-wake button is on the left side of the device (on the iPhone, it's on the right side when looking at the front). Three, the buttons are black as opposed to silver colored buttons on the iPhone 3G. Edit: Also, the corners are slightly pointier on the iPod touch than they are on the iPhone 3G.
New Posts  All Forums: