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Or the slight hesitation was because he's very consciously not using the name of a yet unreleased new product. Imagine working on the new iAwesome all day and then having to do a presentation on these "post PC" devices and not being able to name this new product that you're talking about and working on all day long. It's very easy to let it slip out unless you're really thinking about what you're about to say (which humans usually don't, you're usually only aware of what...
Did anyone notice this in the keynote video ? Tim is talking about the importance of retail stores " and in some ways it's even more important for a buyer of an iPad, or an iPhone ... or another Post-PC device". The hesitation there, I get the feeling he almost said something he shouldn't have. Check it out, about 3:22 into the video.
Steve Jobs addressed both points in the 2010 earnings call:
Apple has said multiple times that a 7-inch screen is too small for tablet apps. If Apple is indeed shopping around for 7.85" screens, it could be a completely new product. What if the Apple TV will come with a 7" touchscreen remote control ?
What about roaming ? I have an iPhone 4 on T-Mobile (Netherlands), when visiting the US it means i can only roam using AT&T since they use GSM on the same frequencies as the civilized world. Since the 4S also has CDMA does this mean I can roam using CDMA networks ? Since I can roam on networks I'm not subscribed to when abroad I would expect it to behave the same on CDMA even if I'm not a subscriber.
Stupid region-based licensing. Just like movies and TV series aren't available in most countries.
This would be the district of texas with the patent-suit-friendly judge, right ?
Maybe the cradle includes a iTunes code that lets you download the software for free ? That could be a way to sell the cradle relatively cheap while preventing people from just buying the cradle for the handsfree function and/or using it with competing software.
The dutch price plan seems pretty reasonable to me.
Dutch plans have also been announced EUR 29,95 for 150 minutes/150 SMS, 8GB phone for 79,95 16GB for 159,95 EUR 44,95 for 300 minutes/300 SMS, 8GB phone for 1,- 16GB for 79,95 EUR 64,95 for 500 minutes/500 SMS, 8GB phone for 1,- 16GB for 19,95 All with unlimited 2048/384 HSDPA see www.tmobile.nl
New Posts  All Forums: