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Everytime Apple releases a product and they generate record sales, we visit the same old doubts - Apple is stuffing the channels, Apple is creating demands by not manufacturing enough, etc. etc. And everytime Apple has to explain that the numbers are factual and not fiction!
I am really surprised that all those financial networks or sites are seeing this and reporting that - I guess Alibaba is stealing the Apple thunder. I guess will see the real uptick on this stock on Monday.   In any case, this is looking very positive!
WOW! I guess it is once again throw it at the wall and see if it sticks attitude! I just can't believe it. Oh please, I can just see al those Analysts start complaining that Apple is not innovating because it does not has 6.3 screen phone. It's funny, but I read somewhere that they are already  complaining that iPhone 6 plus is too big and not many people will be buying that. I don't get it - Apple is behind because they don't have large phone like Samsung, but at the same...
I just love watching the tear downs! It is amazing how things are packed and the processing power it brings with it.
It is really a demise for Samsung. So now that we have an iPhone 6 Plus, which is 5.5 inches screen, Are we done? I think 5.5 inches phone is already big, and I seriously don't think Samsung is going to do one-up with making an phone with screen larger than 5.5, like 6.1 or 6.5 - Would they? Because it is no longer a phone.   So, can we all agree that we are done with the size as differentiator for phones? 
 What you say makes total sense and people you are in this space understand it. The problem is media, especially NYT, CNBC, MarketWatch and few others are always waiting to trash Apple. And in this case Paypal, though completely understanding what you described, but decided to that the road that most of the media takes - "Ignorance of many people who does not understand technology"
Is Paypal the new Samsung? Apparently, Paypal didn't really read up on Apple Pay!
I completely agree with you. Actually, if Apple Watch is going to be ApplePay device also - And we still don't know much about that, I would be interested to know how it would interact with the Touch ID. I am sure Apple has not thought about this. How would I be using Apple Watch to do Apple Pay? I would be dump to swipe the watch, but still approve the transaction using Touch ID.
I think that transaction-specific dynamic security code is probably generated by the NFC terminal.
 I still beg to differ. The comment was based on the information from Apple's own site - And it absolutely makes sense. I think maybe you are thinking that DAN that I was referring is the transaction ID, which it isn't. Please see additional comments that various other folks have provided in the forum.
New Posts  All Forums: