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Only Under 15 Million? Not a shabby number for 3 months for a Gen-1 product. So, how many did Samsung Gear, LG, Moto 360, etc. sell? I bet it is no where close to this number. Even collectively! And that too for an OS that has much higher market share. Wall street and all their analysts need to be more realist. I think by such reports, the analyst are creating expectations of 15 Million of Apple Watch sales. Even with supply chain issues as it has been claimed by the...
Yes, it sickens me to see how certain stocks, e.g. Netflix reacts on upgrades, while one of the most valuable company does in opposite direction. So why does "mere analyst words" works for one company and not another? I think this much more going on here. I am long on Apple, so I am fine here - But it does sickens me to see the behavior. Carl, where are are you? Where is that note you were going to publish in 2 weeks since the earning reports?
Yep! I am sure that is probably the reason. If US government is smart enough, they would provide a better treatment of the money and allow these companies to bring them back and also create some jobs in this country.
This things came up many time here and other boards such as MarketWatch, CNBC, etc. As mentioned earlier, I also think that manipulation is certainly going on here. The market has unrealistic expectation from Apple, but even than, as the chart shows above, it certainly is performing lot better than others. That just speaks volumes - Even after bad treatment the stock is considerably doing good.  As far as giving dividends and buyback, I also thought it was a wrong thing to...
First of all, as a long term investor in this company, the premium has to be significant for me to consider the cash out. So let's say that they offer the high premium to take t private and they manage to do that. Now what? Now you are left with a company that has many smart people, but not much money left in the kitty. So, you solved one problem - but in process you created may more. Not only that, you converted one of the very fine institution not only for this country...
Don't think so. Tim is the genius supply chain management guy and he could have it happen so. It is absolutely the demand. I guess we will all know the truth when this quarter are reported in 3 months.
I think the pilot was looking for "ctl-alt-del"
Just  a wild thought out there :-) Maybe the new proposed Apple Beats Music service might deliver better quality, especially for streaming music. Just the way the video quality is different when your down stream speed it better, Apple Beats Music might be able to detect what kind of headset the user is listening on (I am sure they can detect this for BlueTooth Beats headsets) and downstream high resolution music. Another way for getting Beats on their eco-system and...
Why do people keep asking for swappable/upgradable hardware on Apple Watch? Is your Omega or Rolex upgradable? How about your iPhone?
I can certainly see lots of after market bands/bracelet will be coming out. Maybe some the jewellery stores might start making custom ones for regular people like us.
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