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Enabled it in Danville, CA
I totally understand your frustration - Because I also don't get it! As Icahn said it - Market doesn't understand Apple at all. I too feel that it is artificially pushed down. Apple can do everything right and constantly prove all those ANAL-yst wrong, but it is working against some evil force. I too am getting sick of them asking a brand new category of product. People are still complaining about Apple Watch (Whatever the whisper number might be - 14M is still darn good...
I am a bit disappointed as iFixit was wrong in their action and it is the risk they took (I would have thought they are much smarter than this). Though I do enjoy iFixit work as it has helped me a lot when I am fixing and upgrading my Mac products. I hope they sort this out with Apple.
Hmm! Once again nothing from AT&T yet! As always, they are out there trying to squeeze more out from their customer. I am so done with AT&T. For starter, half of my family is going with the Apple iPhone upgrade plan tomorrow and second half, as soon as we are done with AT&T Next commitment. And then we will just switch over to one with the best data plan (T-Mobile is looking good) Looks like AT&T is the one who is going to miss out - Let the churn start!
Are you kidding? This is such a bogus article. There is no real investigative work in the article. It is all sensational journalism. A company as secretive (and yes even in Tim's regime), some of the information is very much like Gene Muster's TV
Maybe they are trying to take some slice away from AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure - Why not? And with enterprise entry with IBM and Cisco, maybe they are provided added support to enterprise. So, is consumer electronic company trying to get back to old business - Why not? 
Fine. The wing door is good for the 3rd row (I wasn't sure if Model X has one.) Anyway, the 3rd row is irrelevant in what I mentioned above. I was referring to the 1st row (Driver + Passenger) and having a regular swing door and that defeats the reasoning of having the wing door in tight garage space.
I can just see following headline article on WSJ, MarketWatch and repeated 1 minute news flashes on CNBC -   "Apple unable to sell 15Million iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus during the first week because it is (11%) heavier than iPhone 6"
Ha! Ha! Same contents from the same porcelain bowl from last year - I guess is is lot more fermented and resulted in more methane now!
 Actually, I had already talked to one of the Tesla employee about the wing doors on Model X. Yes, it is very functional, especially in tight garage (which might not be the case for the targeted buyers), but it only addresses the issues for the second row (which as you suggested has been handled by sliding doors). What about the front doors? It still swings out - so it defeats the intend. Of course Tesla could modify the interior the big - revolving front seats so people...
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