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This is ridiculous! The underdog in eBook world which is monopolized by Amazon is being punished for price-fixing. Give me a break! Secondly, as a consumer I never see the money. This continue to happens, I have gotten notices from lawyers about class action suits, which some I was part of it and it tells me to spend hours to note things down to get $1.49 coupon I can use somewhere - WTF? So I rarely bother go through the motions. I have hand full of those sitting in my...
I think they will have that available at the gift shop at the end of the tour! :-) Kidding aside, I would love to work at this facility! Maybe Apple can license the plan to Legos and they can have a kit.
It is hard for me to believe that this hand drawn sketches are from Apple's USPTO submission - Lack of dimensions or not!
Move along! Nothing to see here. Must be a very slow day today at AI. I am sure AI will now claim that APPL is down today because of this guy :-)
I was thinking about the same incident that was reported here. I bet these are the same morons who is making the decision.
APPL will be $125 by end of Q1 2015
I think it is time for CNBC to shut the door, because they are looking more and more link TMZ. There is no financial reporting at CNBC - It is collection of set of pretty women showing off their wares and not intelligence. I use to like the African American gentleman when he was reporting out from San Jose. But, as soon as moved to east coast and on set, he has become a "dick" also. It is time for Cramer to take his shouting to some auction horse of some monster rally...
I completely agree with you. I am really getting sick of CNBC. There is no financial journalism there. They all were knocking GoPro the day before it went IPO and then after it start trading and what it has done they started praising it. I don't know what world they live in. And when it comes to Apple, even chameleon once in a while shows his true color. 
I want to see Dishworld there!
Maybe there is no real deal and it is just some PR that Beats audio needed. Let's suppose that if there is some talk going on than, and if the reason is Apple is mainly interested in Dre and Iovine, than the price that for $3.2 is ridiculous and in that case the WhatsApp valuation and the price FaceBook paid is nothing.   BTW, Apple hasn't been going up because of the Beats rumor, as some analyst claims it to be. The split is approaching and people are people want to get...
New Posts  All Forums: