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Funny! But ridiculously cheesy of Samsung to take a fun charity gathering idea and making it money making promo for their product! I think ALSA.ORG should contact Samsung to pull the ad off.
Instead of extending it the adapter down, they should have made it stick outward horizontally, so that not only would be make it easy to straight plug it right into the Apple adapter that is already in the slot, but it would also stop blocking the second wall outlet. I know these are just suggestions for convenience, but minor simplification to design.
 It is one messed up situation they have it out there. Their approach will never scale. People are selling the invites on E-Bay (in some cases up to $90 or so). Anyway, I was fortunate enough to get one for dirt cheap price. I both the unit as my development unit. If I am going to build product for mobile space, I have to keep my Apple loyalty aside :-)
 Exactly! Sadly the Wall Street and other folks still do not understand the Apple story. It really is not strictly about hardware specs or how big is the screen size. It is about the experience, the quality, the eco system, capturing my life events, etc. Apple is not interested in capturing the market share by creating cheap products - It is interesting in building the right product and experience for the people who appreciate it - So what that is small enough market?...
I agree - It is international politics or protectionism politics - Though it will die out. The problem is China needs US just as a bad. Though, I will say one thing, the whole NSA/PRISM stuff is really hurting this country. Especially a country that claims to have very high morals in many things. If China or other country try to spy and do that shit - it is given.
Sadly, the reference in the article is to East L.A. school district - Isn't this the district where they had some incompetent IT department. How is Chromebook any better than the Windows based Netbook they could have pushed. I think the author missed the point here.
I think it was already mentioned earlier - In other part of the world the enforcement of any outcome would have been difficult. I think it is smart move for both side. The biggest losers in this are those lawyers!   Though, I am a tad bit disappointed! It does sort of gives a wrong message - People can steal your innovation and you can get away with it! It also allow Xiaomi to go ahead and blatantly make copies of all Apple products.
This is ridiculous! The underdog in eBook world which is monopolized by Amazon is being punished for price-fixing. Give me a break! Secondly, as a consumer I never see the money. This continue to happens, I have gotten notices from lawyers about class action suits, which some I was part of it and it tells me to spend hours to note things down to get $1.49 coupon I can use somewhere - WTF? So I rarely bother go through the motions. I have hand full of those sitting in my...
I think they will have that available at the gift shop at the end of the tour! :-) Kidding aside, I would love to work at this facility! Maybe Apple can license the plan to Legos and they can have a kit.
It is hard for me to believe that this hand drawn sketches are from Apple's USPTO submission - Lack of dimensions or not!
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