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So Ive does own clothing other than t-shirts :-)
How is changing the screen size considered copying - It is the natural progression in form factor.
It is a good thing! What also might be happening is called "Churn". Maybe the rich folks in Chjna did run out and bought iPhone 5s, like in Western Hemisphere. Their older model found buyers. Basically, what it points to is that Chinese buyers themselves like Apple as a brand. So overall it is all good for Apple - do not try to read any negative news into this.
I think this is awesome! Makes whole lot of sense. Glad to see those Android users comes later :-) For people who do not have any devices - they can rent it for $2. Amazing, isn't it - from charging $2 for headset ages ago they can bring it back for charging for devices itself. At end of the day, it is a win situation for them. Maybe with loss of weight they can stop charging us the fuel surplus charges.
Simple question - Do all retailers in San Francisco or any other city go through such scrutiny or even gets discussed on Blogosphere? I can point to many other ugly retailers in the same neighborhood, which I doubt went through such intense approval process. We all should realize that Apple is way too much into aesthetics and it is ingrained in their blood to do anything otherwise.
Thank you AppleInsider for recognizing this! Long, but a very good post! Like they say - Apple we continue doing the right thing no matter how all the media out there is take pot shot at it!
You are so right. Maybe that is why Apple is treading this space very slowly. Learning along the way. Also, if they get into this, they are taking on big onus if there is some such leaks. I am sure someone will come up with jamming the iBeacon and hacking it.
I hope the service is not turned on in Australia. Because if iTunes Radio is playing "Men at Work" under genre of Alternative music and not 80s music they might get a fit and say that their iPhone is giving wrong direction (Ahem! wrong information)
How come we don't have such thing in US? It is so Sweet!
Yep! I completely agree with you. Add Netflix to that list. Though, I will take 3% up, that is right now there. I was afraid that market would take it down for one reason or another. Apple gets judged by completely different book on street. I am surprised all the anal-yst haven't suggested that to increase the Apple Stock value, Apple should break up into different companies! But, I wouldn't be surprised that you will start seeing those kind of suggestion coming up next year.
New Posts  All Forums: