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Why do we keep listing to this Ming guy? He has been one-hit guy. None of this latest predictions have been right. He is like Alan Greenspan - Keeps talking, even if his opinion is of no relevance!
Way too overpriced! iCloud is the answer! Neither am I a celebrity nor do I take nude pictures of mine - so no reason for me to be a victim of targeted hack!
I am not yet convinced the usability of Notification Center Widgets. It is just an incarnation of Dashboard widgets, which is still there in US. Secondly the way it laid out it is so much like The Gadgets View from Windows Vista - Which was eventually killed, I think, by Microsoft.
Hmmm! I wonder how this phone could fit the pocket and not caused any damages.
It is time to boycott Bloomberg! That Bloomberg article is still there. It is time we flood email of the author and editor of that article. The article even get into QA process at the company. The named individuals should file a suit against Bloomberg for this act.
And people who wear skinny tight jeans with big booty and put their phone or any object deserves what is coming to them. Maybe Apple should come up with a feature which will stick a needle up someone booty if they are disrespectful to their phone. If you put too must pressure of the phone it will prick you. Maybe they can modify the vibrate mode to prick the person of give them small electric shocks to get off their fat asses!
Yes - That number is much lower than Six Sigma, which is 3.4 defects per Million.
It is hard from me to believe that Apple would not have done any bending tests. I am sure they have controlled and calibrated devices that simulates the behavior of phone in a pocket! Did people forget the pictures the Steve had shown when the whole AntennaGate was going on. I even remembers the bend testing on the Gorilla glass done back in original iPhone. So, this whole thing is going away after that guy had his 15-min of fame.
That is exactly what I was thinking - It would be very uncomfortable  to sit with any 5.5 phone in front jean pocket for a long time. Didn't anyone test this out with Samsung's phone? What is going to happen when Samsung comes out with their Mega, which is 6.2 inches? Secondly, everyone yelled and scream that Apple is going downhill as they don't have large screen phone. Now that they have one and it is breaking sales record, people are coming out with non practical stunts...
Most of the Asian, who wants the 5.5 phones are tiny, and they wouldn't be putting this  phone in any pocket - They carry men purses or men shoulder slings! Ethnic pun not intended! This is the fact.   And like many folks mentioned here - iPhone 6+ is not a pant pocket phone!
New Posts  All Forums: