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I guess that is some relief, even if that means I have to buy some Photo Editor App
I really wished they had updated Photo App to allow geotagging pictures that does not have them. I was able to do that in iPhoto. Does anyone know if El Capitan has this functionality?
I hold Apple at it's highest regards, but I am a bit concerned about the recent decision making and flip flopping that is happening and that too within a very short period of time. Tim, please reign in your Executives and let's not make habit of this. Apple doesn't need to react right away to anything. This makes you very venerable and week. Many of these external events disappear in very sort time - People have already moved on to SCOTUS decisions this week.   I am sure...
I think this whole thing is going too far. What if the young man who brutally kill those 9 people in SC was barring flag of United States and said he is doing this for US of A. Would we be banning flag of United States? And like people mentioned earlier - What about the SS Nazi flag or even KKK flags? I mean if someone wants to buy Confederate flag then can just go down to Brazil and buy one? Are we now going to put Confederate flag on contraband list like Cuban cigars...
I am not sure if it is true or not - But, I read somewhere that this days most of the big names artists make money from their tours and the swags that are sold at the concerts - which is why a concert tickets this days cost you no less than triple digit amount. 
I had the same exact thought. At the same thought, I think Apple kind of messed this one up. First, they should have eaten the cost from the get go - they could have expensed it as marketing/client capturing cost. I am sure they must have know what. Now, even after knowing that it didn't go well - they should have stuck it out and provided some explanation on why the are doing this. I know Steve wouldn't have caved like this right away. I think he did a great job dealing...
Why are we putting Edward Snowden in high pedestal and in high regards? At end of the day, he is a thief and a traitor of United States. Yes, what NSA is doing is not correct, but what Snowden did it doesn't make it correct either.
I will agree with @fireblue to some extend, especially at the store which might have limited space. My biggest concern at this point is that table looks like the Microsoft Store few doors down (at the location where I visit) - Meaning empty. It gives an impression that not that many people are interested in the Watch. Though, I do find lots of folks playing with the watch that is on the table where people can try it out. I think the best solution is at this point is to...
 Very good point. Do we know if Apple has some other contract manufacturer? I am sure Apple is not foolish enough not to do that - Having a secondary CM also allows them to have some negotiating powers too.
I was thinking the same thing. This story has been overly dramatized with false information.
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