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Yep! I had suggested adding more juice through the watchband long ago. I am surprised the after market hasn't taken up on that idea. Now we know that there are data port by the strap connector. I can see Apple offloading some stuff onto watchbands - Cameras (front and back facing), small screen, touchpoint, etc.
And the battle starts again. I am an Apple Music customer, but if we are going to get into this streamer exclusiveness, it doesn't help the consumer at all. I am already hating this issues in video world where, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc. are doing their own contents and I have to subscribe to multiple of the to get to those shows. So at the end, consumer is paying more to get their entertainment.
Is wall street so fickle that based on unverified report from an unknown analyst, they are bringing this stock down? Tomorrow, someone will come up with some ridiculous  rumor that "Tim Cook sneezed and he has serious case of cold" - This could translated into Apple company has to run without someone on helm for maybe a week. This will cause Apple to go down by 10 points.   This guys was looking for a 15 minutes of fame, which he got it. We will be back to positive by...
Saw the movie over the weekend. Very disappointed by the movie. Sorkin took a very good biopic by Walter Issacson and butchered it. I think a documentary of the book on PBS or History that cover the book from 1st to last page would have done a better justice.
It is irrelevant that the 600 million people might not have modern sanitation, but they have money in their pocket that the American, European, Korean companies are trying to get to. The import tax is levied not only in India, but many other countries. We should first be looking at our tax codes, and financial practices before we start throwing stones at other countries.
A very wise timing move by Apple. Diwali is just around the corner. Diwali is just like Christmas there. I am surprised about why Hermes edition is not there, because you will find loads of buyer for it.
We should be seeing double digit stock price increase today. We should be breaking the 52-week high value. The stock continues t be artificially held down.
I completely agree with you. Project Titan will take care of Tesla (remember Tesla is not just a car company, but a battery company also). As far as the "cloud" business - I think there might be something brewing there. Amazon. Microsoft and Google got into cloud business intrinsically - They are double utilizing the services they were using themselves and extending it out. Apple themselves have all the datacenter and they will eventually do the same. Also, the enterprise...
 Market and investors like Icahn complained about buyback and dividends and Apple just did that again and again, but market keeps on bitching and comes up with another reason to keep this stock down. Times like this, I miss Steve. He wouldn't have given into Wall Street. He would have twitted with the new iOS 9.1 "middle finger" Emoji!
I think a special dividend is certainly a good idea instead of pumping more money to buyback shares. Maybe, once Apple gets to repatriate the money from offshore with better corporate tax laws, the company might just do the special dividend. Sometimes I wish Apple should just buy out all the shares and go private (I know - it is too big to take this path)
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