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At this point, I am just waiting for iPhone 6s, protruding camera or not. My iPhone 5 is getting dated.
I completely agree with you. Everyone is always waited to throw punches against Apple.
I don't know what the market says, but I have been observing peoples wrist and I am seeing lots of wrist with Apple Watch. Certainly a lot more than Samsung or LG or Motorola. I certainly see many more showing up in Christmas List. Now that Apple has announced that they will be available at Best Buys and most likely followed by at Target.
I hope all the rumors about all the variations of models is false. It is now looking like old Apple. When Steve came back, one of the first action was to simplify the product line to make it easy for consumer to decide. He came down to two lines consumer and pro and even in that only limited model. This was one of the best thing he did. I think Tim needs to keep that model and not have tens of SKUs.
Maybe Apple should just break out the number for Apple Watch and Apple TV outside of the "Other" category and lay it out and not try to justify it any other way to keep all those idiots at Wall Street happy! Let's not let them guess and give them yet another reason to bash Apple. Even if the number is around 3 Million watches, it is still lot better than other smart watches that have shipped collectively. Just Apple Watch brings in more than billion dollars, which by...
Apple needs to lift the shop and move to a country who will welcome them extremely especially with all the cash they have. No matter what Apple does, it is getting screwed by the US government and Wall Street doesn't treat it well either. Screw 'Em!
I think Millennial Generation are becoming lazy and demanding. I am sure there are may other who wouldn't mind having their jobs. Yes, at end of the day the lawyers will end up making money. Secondly, why is our government court system after Apple?
I think this is now getting out of hand. Whatever happened to free market economy in this country ? I think government is stepping beyond their bounds now. Any business Apple gets into, government is finding issue. Why aren't get after all those oil companies that has unfairly done price grouching? What about Amazon? What about cable companies?    Oh! And they claim they are doing to protect consumer! That is total bull. Apple is the late comer in many of the businesses...
I am really learning a lot about weather on this blog! I was just about to to go The Weather Channel site to learn about this, but I guess I no longer need to.   Back to topic - It is quite amazing to see how Apple retail store push continues to be a great part of Apple success. I had visited the IFC store at Hong Kong and Shanghai and it is just amazing. Apple store are becoming more so of a tourist destination these days.
I am not buying Spotify's reasoning for charging the premium because of Apple's 30%. If Apple was taking 30% for processing the credit card transaction as being claimed, Apple would have been in much bigger problem long time ago. Spotify is trying to made a case out on non-case. And sadly, the way DOJ has been handling all Apple cases and if Spotify does manage to make a case - this is once again going to be and injustice to Apple.
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