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I agree with you. Yes, I too want to be a converging device. The 802.11ac router would be nice, but I think the close proximity of the TV make this a not good router. I also do hope that they keep the price in the original range < $100
There is a phrase I read somewhere that states have half knowledge is worst than having no knowledge. With refuting the MusicWatch's report, Apple just fell into that trap. I am getting a little nervous about how Apple is getting a bit weak when it comes to their recent decisions and it's reversal, including responding to media like that. Steve certainly wouldn't have done so. By responding so quickly, Apple is actually raising more questions for media and forcing them to...
I guess all politicians are same every where. Australia, if your tax system is broken the shame is on you and not on the MNC. America, If you don't want your companies to protect their earned money in some foreign land - Fix your tax system so that companies don't have to stuff it somewhere else, legally!
No I don't own xiaomi. I have been owning iPhone(s) since first generation. Not only am I a Apple product users, but I believe in company so much that I my retirement money is invested in the company.
I am not against counterfeiting! But, I am certainly against fakers like Ms. Taylor, whose motivation is get publicity to make money for herself. Just because she "thinks" she won against Apple because of her letter, she think she can take on any one. She is acting like she is a spokesperson for DRM? The counterfeiting from China has been a problem much older than Ms. Taylor. The problem that whole Music and Film industries haven't been able to fix for so many year, Ms....
Enough of Taylor Swift! Taylor, by the way, how is your latest stunt with China coming along?
At this point, I am just waiting for iPhone 6s, protruding camera or not. My iPhone 5 is getting dated.
I completely agree with you. Everyone is always waited to throw punches against Apple.
I don't know what the market says, but I have been observing peoples wrist and I am seeing lots of wrist with Apple Watch. Certainly a lot more than Samsung or LG or Motorola. I certainly see many more showing up in Christmas List. Now that Apple has announced that they will be available at Best Buys and most likely followed by at Target.
I hope all the rumors about all the variations of models is false. It is now looking like old Apple. When Steve came back, one of the first action was to simplify the product line to make it easy for consumer to decide. He came down to two lines consumer and pro and even in that only limited model. This was one of the best thing he did. I think Tim needs to keep that model and not have tens of SKUs.
New Posts  All Forums: