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Otay! So I guess there is always a nut case somewhere. He is bearish on selling and upcoming product, but he is bullish on rumored product (Apple Car)? Can someone please deliver a canister of oxygen to that man, so he can breath and have oxygen and a good blood reaches his brains. April 1st is many days away!
Oh My! This is going to be headline news on Marketwatch and CNBC tomorrow and they will be all over it. Apple shares are going to to take a 20% hit tomorrow
This whole story about Apple getting into car is getting its own legs. Just the way all those financial blogs were advising Apple on what to do with their money and how they should be running their company while back, they are at it with giving advice to Apple on how they should be running that car division creating dealership networks, etc. Some are even claiming that Apple cars will fail, before the first car is even rolled out of this fictional car division at Apple....
No company comments on rumors. I am sure you must have heard that many times. Gene Munster has been spreading rumor about Apple TV  before there was Apple Watch came out. The above rumor about Smart Homes is something I created as sarcasm to this post. The point being that such rumors are strictly for entertainment and generating clicks!
CBRE reports that Apple is going into home building. After their new space ship campus is finish building in 2016, they are getting into building smart homes starting in 2017. They will be using design and technology from their new campus and apply it to these new homes. The home will be connected wirelessly to the mother ship in Cupertino, CA.   Above rumor has more legs than the Apple Car.
Kudos Apple! Show me any other company or government entity would go through such effort to keep a check on their suppliers and making sure their employees are taken care of. This is how a "quality" company creates a "quality" products! This is one thing Samsung cannot copy!
Oh please No! No! Apple is a consumer electronics company and not a clothing store. The day above thing happens, all the crowd that you see at Apple Store will end up at Microsoft across the hallway! Please tell me that your comment was not for real.
 Actually one of the thing that I like about Apple Store is that I can touch the product and play with it. Matter of fact some of the iPhone are more expensive than what the low-end of the Watch is going to be and they are available for people to touch and feel and play. This is why people like visiting Apple Store and sometimes just to kill time and enjoy Apple products. Yes, there might be some high end watches, but for Apple the cost might not be the reason. The last...
Why change if ain't broken? I have visited many Apple stores around the world and I think they are done exceptionally well. It is looking like she is making changes because she feels she has to make some executive decision, same with the executive line ups. Just because someone doesn't agree with you, let's just fire them - Not a good idea. I hope she doesn't turn out to be like that Brit fellow.
 You are right. Thanks for providing the link. I think those new targets are very sheepish; increase of single digit from their previous estimates. Means it does lack conviction for AAPL. Anyway, it doesn't matter a whole lot for me. I am long term with AAPL - Not only with their products, but with their stocks. 
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