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Did I say any different? And you know this how exactly? Even if what you say is true, how it is related to the discussion regarding viruses under OS X? We compare classic Mac OS and OS X, and the methods to spread viruses at their time.
And this was before the era of the web. We still had the Internet but it was so rudimentary. At that time, the classic Mac OS viruses were spread mainly through diskettes, a process orders of magnitude slower than today's Internet-based spread. Yet, there were viruses. And a popular application to deal with them. Indeed. The histories of classic Mac OS and (Mac) OS X juxtaposed, largely disprove this concept.
Other members already contributed to this topic, but here is my idea: how about 10-bit color? Correct me if I am wrong, but as far as I know OS X still does not support (gasp!) 10-bit color internally, while the hardware got there years ago (which means that there is already software support for it - from Windows). I don't know why it takes Apple so long to implement the obvious for photo/video professionals (and we know iMacs are very popular among photographers), but let...
What are you talking about? iMacs at that time were only 15".
OK, I thought he was talking about something else. In my opinion, a 2D Dock is a more consistent choice. And I like it better.
Since I have neither Yosemite nor Mavericks, could you please post some screenshots to make this point clear for me?
Oh dear, here we go again. Time for a reality check. Dell's upcoming 27" 5K monitor will cost $2500. This is the monitor only. Apple includes for the same price a computer too, loaded with a great OS and applications. How is that outrageous? Factoring in the price, this iMac is one of the most impressive Macs ever.
OK, this is a reasonable argument. My main reservations are that the thermal output of the iMac is significantly higher to begin with, so even a 20% increase in anything may be problematic, and that the display is exposed to the heat. We will see how all these work in practice if the 5K iMac is released next month.
Completely different thermodynamics. Note also that the Mac Pro display is not exposed to this heat. If going 5K means a redesign for the iMac, then so be it. For me the most interesting part will be to see how a 5K iMac with the existing enclosure will stand its ground under heavy CPU+GPU pressure.
Guys. Please. Let's be pragmatic for a moment. There are two possibilities. (1) This rumor is simply bogus. Not because there are is no a 4K/5K iMac in Apple's labs (most likely there is), but because the heat management in the iMac's thin enclosure is such a technological feat that it looks impossible to solve today without seriously impairing performance. But let's say that Apple has a surprise in that department and that the new iMac is about to be released, which leads...
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