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Since I have neither Yosemite nor Mavericks, could you please post some screenshots to make this point clear for me?
Oh dear, here we go again. Time for a reality check. Dell's upcoming 27" 5K monitor will cost $2500. This is the monitor only. Apple includes for the same price a computer too, loaded with a great OS and applications. How is that outrageous? Factoring in the price, this iMac is one of the most impressive Macs ever.
OK, this is a reasonable argument. My main reservations are that the thermal output of the iMac is significantly higher to begin with, so even a 20% increase in anything may be problematic, and that the display is exposed to the heat. We will see how all these work in practice if the 5K iMac is released next month.
Completely different thermodynamics. Note also that the Mac Pro display is not exposed to this heat. If going 5K means a redesign for the iMac, then so be it. For me the most interesting part will be to see how a 5K iMac with the existing enclosure will stand its ground under heavy CPU+GPU pressure.
Guys. Please. Let's be pragmatic for a moment. There are two possibilities. (1) This rumor is simply bogus. Not because there are is no a 4K/5K iMac in Apple's labs (most likely there is), but because the heat management in the iMac's thin enclosure is such a technological feat that it looks impossible to solve today without seriously impairing performance. But let's say that Apple has a surprise in that department and that the new iMac is about to be released, which leads...
Marvin, as I expressed previously, for me the big question is how Apple can offer such a machine without melting it down by the GPU heat during intensive tasks. Really I don't see how is this possible today in such a slim enclosure.
Excuse me if it was already answered and I missed it, but can anyone estimate what kind of GPU power such an iMac would need? And I mean not only to run general/everyday tasks with acceptable fluidity, but also to play games at least as well as the iMacs of the current generation.   Is that possible in such a thin machine? Or should we get ready for a steep graphics performance decrease?
The latest rumor from France says that an ARM-based mini already exists as prototype. According to the source, the new mini would sport a 4- or 8-core processor with 128 GB of flash storage. It runs an ARM version of Yosemite and it has soldered RAM. The release is predicted to be soon, or very soon (whatever this may mean). Let's say that it is true. What about the compatibility with the established software base? If the ARM processors could beat the Intel CPUs in...
I started reading the first lines and then, when I saw this: - If you’re just surfing around the web and clicking on links, that information does not go to google.com I stopped. Maybe this statement is true but I don't believe it because of the following. I was once logged into my gmail account from my office machine and I did some web browsing with Firefox passing from Google. I clicked some links. The same evening I looked up the same keywords from home using Safari and...
That was so funny!
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