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I see now that the new iMacs also have the image retention problem, like the retina MBPs. Is anyone here experiencing this?   What a bummer. Really. This kind of hardware problem is unacceptable and Apple says it is normal. I wanted a new iMac later in the year as a home machine, but if they don't solve this problem, I am not going to pay this amount of money. I fear that I may end up with a Windows machine, which I really hate to happen to me.
Well, it depends. If you keep your machines for many years, then the turbocharged high end model may be a better choice. This is what I do anyway and I have not regret it so far. Just don't buy RAM from Apple; there are other options for a fraction of the Apple price, especially if you intend to max it out.
Ha! You wish!   Nice review. It definitely gives a good idea about the routine usage of a recent iMac. I am planning to buy one the next update. By the way, is there any word about the next major OS X release? I remember something about yearly major updates or so for OS X.
By solving the image retention issue. I am surprised that no one mentioned it in this thread.   There is a HUGE discussion running in the Apple forums about it. I wanted too a retina model but I may very well end up with an Air one; unless Apple drastically addresses this problem which, for such a high-end and expensive machine intended for professional use, is very serious.
  Exactly. In my case, doubling the RAM resulted in ten times speed increase. I did not measure anything, just how it felt like judging from waiting time before and after the RAM upgrade for main routine tasks. Granted, this poor MBP is heavily used by the family and mostly by my daughter in her Facebook account: she scrolls down huge pages with hundreds of photos eating RAM for breakfast, she is doing work for school, editing her own photos, opening simultaneously many...
I don't have thoughts about the question you ask, but I hope they solve the image retention issue that still plagues these portables. In fact, because of this, I am not going to buy a MBP although I will soon need one.
Marvin, what software do you use to make these shapes? They look very nice!
What tracking are you talking about?
  Why not? I started using it on an old (plastic) Macbook and I was pleasantly surprised to see how much faster it is compared to Safari and Firefox. It gave new breath to this old machine.
I have seen one in person. It is an absolutely amazing sight. But the net is full of reports with the so-called image retention in the retina-equiped MBP's. Even at the Apple support forums there is a huge thread about it. It seems that this issue is related to the LG displays. Some of them are from Samsung and those do not present the issue. It looks like a lottery at this point, unless they have already found a solution.
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