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I don't have thoughts about the question you ask, but I hope they solve the image retention issue that still plagues these portables. In fact, because of this, I am not going to buy a MBP although I will soon need one.
Marvin, what software do you use to make these shapes? They look very nice!
What tracking are you talking about?
  Why not? I started using it on an old (plastic) Macbook and I was pleasantly surprised to see how much faster it is compared to Safari and Firefox. It gave new breath to this old machine.
I have seen one in person. It is an absolutely amazing sight. But the net is full of reports with the so-called image retention in the retina-equiped MBP's. Even at the Apple support forums there is a huge thread about it. It seems that this issue is related to the LG displays. Some of them are from Samsung and those do not present the issue. It looks like a lottery at this point, unless they have already found a solution.
Well, I have never used an iPad to know but the kind of network security may be the reason. Have you tried WPA or WPA2 instead of WEP?
Many care, outside of the U.S. of course. For example, if I was going to buy it, I would have to find a way of transportation since I don't have a car. This weight reduction comes very handy. You can tell me that in this case, I can order it online. Even so, less weight means a more friendly device for the economy and the environment.   Plus, I don't have a TV in my home. If I was to watch a movie on the iMac, I would have probably to move it occasionally around the...
Fear not. I am writing this on an old Macbook (black) running Snow Leopard. The machine is five years old - late 2007 model - and it still runs perfectly well. I use it at home, office and while traveling. It served me very well in light and heavy-duty work in the past, as much as a laptop can get.Today's portables are much better of course. And OS X is very mature. This means longevity for any machine you buy today, especially if the use is relatively light as you...
Well it looks like Apple has really yield issues with the new manufacturing technique. The rumor comes from Macbidouille claiming to have info from a commercial source. According to their source, the new iMacs might be not ready before the beginning of 2013.
I am afraid this is is your only option with the new models.
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