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We are almost in the middle of November and still not a trace of new iMacs. Not even pre-order for the model supposed to ship in at most two weeks from now.   This is something unheard of and it shows loss of interest. The beginning of the end?
Not sure if your answer is addressed to me or not. But if it is, I have to say that personally I am glad that the iMac lost the optical drive. This means one less mechanical component that is slow, noisy and prone to failure. I had a different opinion a couple of years ago but I changed my mind in the meantime. My daughter uses regularly disks (CD's and DVD's), like many times a week, but if I buy a new iMac she is not going to be affected by this because she has her own...
Please, try to understand what I am saying and see the situation in the correct context and proportions.
Being "out of vogue" is very different from "no one used them". By the time the first floppy-less Mac hit the market, floppies were present and still used everywhere, along with the other storage media of that time.   They were estimated to be 5 billion out there in 1996. Of course people complained about reliability and capacity and wanted something better. And of course the decline started somewhere in the mid '90s. Apple saw the opportunity to shape a new future for...
I read this so often here and I would like to believe it. But then why we have the same big and small shops selling disks, CD's and DVD's, that we had ten years ago or more? I even saw recently many old big vinyl disks in a shop! No idea though who is buying them.   My feeling is that most people actually still do use disks for audio and video. I can tell the same for pretty much everyone I know personally. Apple pulled the plug of the optical drive not because most...
In fact I don't remember anything similar before. When the aluminum Powerbooks were introduced back in the beginning of 2003, you could place your order through the Apple Store even though the waiting time was very long, weeks to start with and then more than one month for the 17" model, probably even two months, I don't remember. But you could place your order. "Store" means that you can order, no matter how long it takes to deliver. Now, what's up with this?
It looks like your drive may be damaged. Have you tried Disk Utility to see if it can read it? Also, if you have another computer, you can try to read it there. If it is still unaccessible, then there is definitely some kind of damage.
Of course, nowadays people are very busy with the Apple-made iDevices in their hands. No time/interest for real computers anymore.
Finally I installed a new hard drive at 7200 rpm, after having cloned on it the content of the MBP. Beach ball was soon back, so it seems that either this is not a hardware problem or, if it is, it goes beyond the hard drive.   I tried to clean the Mac OS X installation with Onyx (caches and everything). It gave me a couple of hours of peace before the beach ball coming back again. Each time this happens I have free memory of the order of 1 or 2 GB and one swap file...
I spoke too soon. It took only a few minutes of use before the MBP starting to behave erratically (and failing again the drive hardware test). So the initial questions still hold.
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