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It is somewhat more subtle than this. I don't know how is his accent, but I know as a fact that, apart from the British and American accents, there is the so-callled international-English spoken by almost all Europeans except the... French people. Of course there are always ethnic undertones, as you suggested previously, but in the case of the French this is so strong, widespread and standing out, that it warrants its own version, the French-English, as no one else...
Now that the MBPs have quad-core chips, I think it is time for the iMac to move to quad- and 6-core ones, with the exception probably of the lowest end. Are there any viable 6-core options?
Yep, so Hardmac had real sources. OS-level management for SSD-booting will probably come with Lion. Looking forward for autumn 2011.
In the meantime, the online Apple Store is already closed.
Hardmac reports that the new MBPs will sport Light Peak and that the Apple implementation of Light Peak will be called Thunderbolt.
Well according to Hardmac there is no mention of OS-dedicated SSD in the details they managed to gather concerning the specifications of a 13" model. By the way, always according to them, the Apple version of Lightpeak will be called Thunderbolt.
I know no other way to do what you do want. I am afraid the only option is to try to contact the developer and see if (s)he is willing to address user requests.
The closest which I can think of is Fluid. But I am sure it needs internet access. You can probably ask the developer to add offline functionality.
I think that the main problem here is not so much the heat released by the computer per se (provided that it is not very close to the genitals) as it is the heat trapped when people use their laptops with the thighs closed. This means that placing a thick book or isolating base under the laptop is of little use if the thighs remain closed. Crouching might help naturally ventilate the genitals' area. There is a reason why men like sit down with the thighs open; this is what...
Well, I think it is certain that Lion will have a Finder and it is highly probable that this Finder will be almost the same as the one we know today. I tried sometime ago to play with an iPad and the experience was very weird. I felt out of place, without ground under my feet. For novices and average users without computing experience it is probably more comfortable but for our dinosaur species, especially the ones who grew up in unix systems and command line, it just...
New Posts  All Forums: