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Regarding OS X, Apple is already disconnected from the Java wagon. In a few years from now it could not be held responsible for this kind of vulnerability, if the security charge goes 100% to Oracle. But Apple should really learn the lesson from this screw-up and consider security issues really seriously. Probably the convergence of OS X and iOS in the upcoming Mountain Lion is a good thing after all, security-wise. Time will tell.
No one says Apple should release an update without testing it. What I say is Apple should release it as soon as possible, and two months later is not exactly that.And you know how all this? If there is a security threat, and Flashback is known since a while ago, the company should be prepared as if the worse was coming. Especially when this same company is advertising its OS as the most secure and safe out of the box.No, this was a big mistake from Apple's part; I only...
This is a trojan, not a virus. This kind of exploit can happen to virtually any platform.No, an OS cannot be held responsible for anything. It is Apple's responsibility that thought there is no risk and let the issue linger for about two months before issuing a security update. Again this is not a virus. And in the case you missed it, Apple does not include anymore Java with Mac OS X. However, Apple has responsibility for the established user base still running older...
True for new users. However you cannot just erase the already established base running Java and Flash that were by default included with Mac OS X. Not after a good number of years, so that the older versions could be considered as obsolete. Even so, in a related technical note Apple still refers to Leopard (10.5) saying that users should disable Java in their web browsers. They could even propose a "security update" for those users in the sense of a warning about the issue...
There is HTML5 for this; see a few posts above. All you need to do is to type in the URL field of your browser http://www.youtube.com/html5 and YouTube will tell you the rest.
Perhaps tower sales plummeted as the world control is taken over by handheld minions? Also, back at that time was the birth of the iMac which, slowly but steadily, ate those parts of the pro market that did not really need all the power and expansion of a tower at every functional level.
Matte surfaces do not produce glare. But you can have a special coating on a shiny surface to minimize glare without making it matte. I know that my eyeglasses have such a coating and they are not matte of course.
No, it is "retina" for the Macs. Or so I would like. But I have no idea if it is feasible cost-wise.
I cannot talk about the other member but I can talk about myself. I upgraded to Snow Leopard just in the beginning of this year. Before taking the step to upgrade, I always prefer to wait and see if my existing software will run correctly and if X11 and associated applications are ready. Sometimes I wait even more if there is no compelling reason to upgrade. On the positive side this gives me a more mature operating system and, hopefully, a smoother upgrade path. I just...
By all means tell us. Thanks to Preview I have not touched Adobe's solutions for ages, so for me it is very important.
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